If you are an active Internet user, then surely you are concerned about the security of your data in the global webspace. These are the issues that come to the fore, after the news about the data leakage of users of well-known messengers, Internet assistants, e-mails and even e-wallets.

However, how to protect yourself from the possible dangers? Welcome to a highly efficient, technologically advanced and secure alternative to the Internet assistants – Utopia P2P Ecosystem, which is a closed system that provides you with everything you need for anonymous and secure Internet use.

Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Internal Parts

The basis of this system is a peer-to-peer architecture, which assumes the absence of a single server for storing information. Instead, each user is a storage server. It is both a user and a server. This technology minimizes any leakage of information.

Additional protection is provided by multilevel encryption based on a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. Thanks to this, data is securely stored and protected from attacks from the outside.

The anonymity of use is achieved because the user does not enter personal data during registration. The ecosystem generates a personal key, which is both a user nickname and a key that opens access to all data.

The functionality of the ecosystem consists of the following arsenal of features:


Instant messenger that provides secure and high-speed transmission and acceptance of messages, both text and voice. In addition, each message can be colored thanks to stickers and emojis. You can create chats and channels of interest, and mark them on uMap.




File sharing designed for the exchange of confidential information. Any file or document sent via uMail will be securely encrypted. Only the sender and recipient will have access to the info.

Idyll Browser.

Anonymous browser, built on the principle of a closed system, which has all the necessary sites for users. Thanks to uNS technology, each user can create or add new sites for public use. Therefore, users do not need to leave the boundaries of the ecosystem and put themselves and their data at risk.


An electronic wallet designed to store the cryptocurrency of the system – crypton, with its subsequent use during any financial transactions. A unique tool Mining Bot, allows you to make money directly in the ecosystem and accumulate cryptons.

Utopia is available for any kind of operating system: Windows, IOS, Linux. As well as, it has a user-friendly interface, with the ability to change the theme of the ecosystem: you can choose black or white.

Evaluate all the benefits of Utopia P2P Ecosystem can each of you! This does not require special knowledge and skills. The whole registration process is very simple and does not take much time!

If you are seriously interested in your security on the Internet and want to get comprehensive protection – use Utopia P2P Ecosystem!

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