Social media is the main street of the modern business world. It’s where every company, big and small, is competing for attention, locked in a fierce battle for leads, sales and brand recognition. Today’s internet-savvy public is saturated with announcements and advertising, so how can you grab their attention and get your message across? The answer is to use the technological tools at your disposal.

Understanding the science of social media 

The first technology-related step you need to take is to grasp just how social media platforms like Facebook determine what social media posts get seen by their users. We see only a fraction of the posts made by our friends and the pages we’ve liked or followed, and that fraction is determined by the use of complex algorithms similar to those used by search engines like Google. This means that your social media posts need to be optimized just like your website.

Facebook and other platforms reward engaging content. The more people like, comment on and share your posts, the more people Facebook shows it too. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill gathering momentum. But if your post isn’t engaging to start with it’s not going to get any further.

Statistics suggest that videos get the most engagement, so using video-editing software to create a Facebook ad is a good way to start. But it’s also about the nature of your content. It should be either entertaining, educational, inspiring or even shocking- though be aware that positive content is much more popular than negative. Also make sure that it’s evergreen and doesn’t become irrelevant after a certain “expiry date”.

Tools to monitor and manage your presence

Social media isn’t just about broadcasting to the masses: it’s about listening to them and engaging with them, where possible on a one-to-one basis. You can use social media monitoring tools to find out what people are saying about you, and just as important, who is saying it, where and why.

Positive and negative feedback are valuable and both can be responded to effectively. Advanced analytical tools can help you to do valuable market research. The great thing about social media for brands is that people want to share exactly the information you want to find out.

Tools are also available to manage your different accounts across different platforms, so that you can synchronize and schedule your posts.

Quick response

Chatbots aren’t just a great customer service tool. They can also be deployed on social media to reach a large number of messenger users. A chatbot can be set up to automatically send out a message when someone comments on a particular post, for instance. You can also let people know when you’re about to “go live”.

The ultimate goal of social media promotion is word-of-mouth advertising, where your customers tell their friends about their great experience with your brand. Beacons are Bluetooth-enabled devices that send out signals to smartphones within a certain radius. You can use them in your stores to suggest customers check in on Facebook or tweet about their purchase.

Technology is easy to access and when used correctly can boost your social media presence hugely. Give your profile and posts a hi-tech overhaul today.

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