So you love Google Chrome. You’ve been using it for a while, and although you have a new Apple product now, you still cannot get over your fixation with the Chrome. Safari is fine, but you’d rather just have Chrome in your iOS. In fact, although Safari wins the speed tests against Chrome as a browser, Chrome still seems to load faster during browsing.

Why Chrome is so popular is because it allows browsing on the go and syncs itself with various devices, whether the desktop, the iPad or the iPhone. Because of this, you are able to sync settings such as bookmarks and tabs which are open to other devices which you may simultaneously be working on. This can be done not across only iOS systems, but simultaneously for other operating systems. No wonder you love Chrome! According to CNET, Google is the No. 1 free app available in the iOS store, with 5 star ratings.

Chrome has other popular features. Unlimited tabs and the Incognito Tab are just two. You can of course sync it to your Gmail and other Google accounts if you wish to. Although Chrome is designed differently for the iPhones, you can always view it in its desktop format. So if you want to change your default browser to Chrome on the iOS, here’s how to go about it.

1.The nice way is to go to the App Store, install the free Chrome app, and each time you visit a webpage, choose the option from your Apple dropdown menu that says “Open in Google Chrome.”

2.The other way is to use jailbreak. Jailbreak is a method to use for your phone what the maker doesn’t allow. For obvious competitive reasons, Apple doesn’t want you to use anything but Safari as default browser. They collect information which they use for various purposes through the cookies enabled in the browser, and if Chrome is used, all that information will go to Google. Here’s a way to choose Google.
On your iPhone,

  • launch Cydia. Cydia lets you download applications and software.
  • Click on Sources, Edit, and Add
  • When the repo address bar comes up, type in
  • Add the source and return to Cydia
  • Install the Browser Chooser
  • You’re done! Now Chrome will be the default browser.

If you want to return to Safari, you can always return to Browser Chooser and restore the settings.

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