Data recovery is one of the biggest challenges faced by an individual while working both online as well as offline. There can be many fateful situations when data is lost and this is when panic strikes us. For instance, impromptu system crashes, power failures, software corruption, etc. are some of the common ways by which data is lost. Hence, there comes the need for recovering the deleted files using the data recovery software or tool which could help us in taking backup or recovering all the lost data within just a few minutes. Wondershare Data Recovery is one such quick and easy data recovery software for everyone out there.


What is Wondershare Data Recovery?

Wondershare Data Recovery is software which is especially designed for the purpose of recovering lost data. As we know, Windows OS continues to be the most trusted as well as widely used operating system in the world. The best part about Wondershare Data Recovery is that it is a product of Windows and hence is also compatible with almost all the imminent versions of the Windows OS, such as Windows XP/ Vista/ 2000/ 7/ 8 as well as Windows 8.1.


Features of Wondershare Data Recovery:

Wondershare Data Recovery is very easy to use and comes with a variety of highly useful features as well. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  • Using Wondershare, we can recover over 500 different formats of data/ files that too within just a few minutes.
  • Wondershare is not only meant for recovering important documents, rather pictures, videos, emails, portfolios, audio files as well as all other kinds of data can also be recovered using this software.
  • Using the trial version of Wondershare, we can recover files up to 100 MB for free of cost.
  • Wondershare is very cost effective.
  • It is risk- free to use because your data will be recovered under all circumstances.
  • The most important feature of Wondershare is that it is read- only software. This means that while anyone can use it, but no one has the right to manipulate the working of this data recovery software from Windows.
  • For using Wondershare, there is no need for any primary skills. Both professionals as well as beginners can use it for safeguarding their data at all times.
  • This software comes along with an easy to use wizard as well. This makes sure that the user is guided properly during each and every phase of installation as well as data recovery.

Uses of Wondershare Data Recovery:

1. Easy Data Retrieval:

Often people delete data accidently or lose access to their data. Formatting your system or device also poses a threat to the data. Under any of these circumstances, Wondershare can be used for total recovery of your lost data. No matter where the data is lost from, it will be made available to you by this software. For instance, Wondershare can retrieve data from your system’s hard drive, USB drive, mobile phones, iPods, and external hard drives as well as other similar data storage devices.


2. The Recovery Mode:

Wondershare comes with 4 different data recovery modes. Depending on the type of loss, these modes can be used accordingly by the users. These 4 recovery modes are:

  • Lost File Recovery: for recovering formatted and deleted files using their names and paths.
  • Partition Recovery: for recovering lost or corrupted partitions.
  • Wizard Mode Recovery: for recovering lost files with the help of security questions.
  • Raw Recovery: for recovering data from a corrupted system with the help of deep scanning.     

3. Precise Results & Flexible Structure:

Wondershare is very precise and enable you to search and recover files by specifying their name, size and date. It also gives you the authority to stop and resume the scanning process.

With just a few simple and quick steps, all the lost data is recovered by the Wondershare Data Recovery software.

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