Use of Online Text Editors For Bloggers in 2020

A person needs to incorporate a certain skill set if he wishes to become a successful content writer. Time management is surely one of them. Web content has to be made available to the users before a pre-defined date. If this is not done, the required traffic does not gather and the company loses business. Consider that you have to prepare content for a product which has to be launched on New Year’s Eve. People would obviously read details on the brand website and then develop a judgement. What if the content is not published before the due date? In worst cases, this can lead to instant product failures. This means that the brand would suffer huge scaled monetary losses. Apart from time, using a good text editor is also an area which he has to concentrate on. 

A good text editor reduces the content compilation time

Preparing content does not mean that the writer has to type several paragraphs without any formatting. Suppose that the material for a home page is being written. This means that the headings and sub headings would be written with bold font. Similarly, bullet points will be included to highlight the important areas. What if the text editor does not have these features? This simply means that the writer would end up in a tight situation. At times, these tools do not have an option to insert tables. Facts and data cannot be represented without it. In a nutshell, a good online text editor with all the important features should be used by the writer. 

Key features a good plain text editor should have

It is important for writers to know which features should be present in a good text editing tool. This helps him in judging options and making successful comparisons. Here are some key features which a professional editing application has.

1. Table insertion and special character options

Most web pages and blogs have tables. They are used to elaborate numerical figures, facts and records. Writers present them separately so that they can be used as a reference. A good text editor has a table insertion feature. It is used to represent data which does not have to be included in the actual text.

A lot of characters are not included in the standard range of alphabets and numbers. The US Dollar sign “$” is a related example. If you want to written a currency figure, you may have to use this sign or any other special character. If you are using an editor that does not allow insertion of these characters, you would have to copy it from elsewhere and paste it in the content. This means burning a lot more time unnecessarily. Before you begin using an editing tool, make sure that the feature to insert these characters is there. There is no point in using a text editor if these options are not present.

2. Text formatting options 

At times, you need to use italics and underlining options while preparing content. For instance, to give a hyperlink on the home page of the website, a particular line may have to be underlined. If there is no underlining option available, the writer would face inconveniences.

It is necessary for writers to meet deadlines. The content they prepare gets rejected if they fail to do so. The role of the text formatting application is integral and the best option should be selected. A good option is checking the top rated editors and comparing them.

3. Document saving formats offered

A good text editor allows users to save documents in popularly used formats. Content writers usually save files in the “PDF” and “DOC” formats. By using a good editor, you can compile the information as text and then pick one of these formats for saving purposes. This is a very helpful feature and only the top rated text editors offer it. 

Standard process of using the text editing tool

It is impossible to use an online tool if you lack related knowledge. Let us go through the steps that users are required to complete.

1. Preparation of content 

The best thing about an online editor is that you can use it to develop the content from the start. There is no need to copy content from another file and then use the tool for formatting purposes. With this online application, this intermediate step can be skipped.

Once you click the link to the tool, an interface would be loading showing a text box. The content has to be typed in it. When you are done with writing, move ahead to the next step

2. Formatting and modification

A lot of formatting has to be done after the writing work reaches completion. Submitting the content without this step develops the risk of readers going through erroneous information. A good online editor provides writers with all necessary tips and tweaks.

Reputed editors have a well-defined interface with proper icons for each feature so that users do not have to search for things unnecessarily. For example, to insert a table, simply click the required icon, select the number of rows and columns. After that, the table will be shown in the text box. 

To format specific parts of the content, select the text and click the tab for formatting. It options for text changes (bold, italics, underline and strikethrough). The required change will be applied on the selected text. This is much easier than copying portions of text from the source file and pasting it in the text box of the editor.


Professional writers are well aware of the guidelines that have to be followed for delivering quality content. Formatting and editing are two mandatory tasks. Suppose that you go through a home page and the written details do not have headings in bold format. What will be the first impression in your mind? You would feel that the writing has not been done by an experienced resource. Using a good online editing tool helps in producing the finest web content.

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