Macbook’s are one of the finest and top performing laptops out there,In fact Macbook Pro was named as the best hardware to use Windows.Apart from stylish look and build it also comes with variety of features that you can’t expect from normal laptops.

One such unique feature is internet sharing.Yes you can use your Macbook as WiFi hotspot or tether to share internet with other gadgets like your Smart phone and tablet.In this article I will show you how to do it with Macbook Pro 13″ mid 2012 model which comes with Mac OSX 10.7.4.

1. Make sure that already got reliable internet connection either through Ethernet or Wireless mode.

2. From dock go to System Preference >> Sharing (under Internet and Wireless)


3. Now click on “Internet sharing” option which will be second last option in left.(Dont tick it just click on the letters). In right you can see two options “Share your connection from” and “To computers using

4. Set “Share your connection from” to your internet source.I have set it as “Ethernet” and Similarly set “To computers using” as “Wi-Fi“.


5. Once done, tick the box besides “Internet Sharing” in right side.If you didn’t enable Wifi then it ask to enable it and then ask to start it.


6. Thats it you have converted your Macbook as Wifi Hotspot.Once Internet sharing is started the Wifi symbol at top bar will be changed.(see screenshot below)


Now you can use Internet though Wifi using any device.

Drop your note below if you have any issues following above procedures.

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