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If you use Google Search to find some webpage or as a spellchecker then this post will help you to get more out of Google Search Engine,You can use Google Search as a calculator,money converter,Time checker,Weather Update,Stock market updates,Unit Conversion Tool,Public Stats checker(such as population) and ofcourse as a Dictionary.

As a Calculator

You can use for simple calculations to complex calculations which involves square root.Lets see some examples



Google Search Calculator

Weather Forecast

You can suffix your city name with the term weather while searching,Lets find out weather now at Mumbai

weather Mumbai

Google search Weather Forecast

Currency Converter

You can convert currency from one unit to another by using ISO 4217 currency code,for US dollar it is USD and for India Rupees it is INR,You can view currency code for all available currencies in the world – ISO 4217 Code.

2000 INR in USD

Google search currency converter

To check Time

You can use this to check Time of any city,lets check time at Chennai now

time chennai

you can replace chennai with some other city name.

Google search Local Time

As Unit Conversion Tool

You can use it for converting one unit to another,lets see the example

10.5 cm in inches

Google search unit conversion

To check Stock Updates

You need to specify the ticker symbol for the specified company,lest check stock quotes of Facebook now,Ticker Symbol for Facebook is FB


Google search stock quotes

Dictionary Definitions

Google is  great tool to find meaning and definitions for English Words,Lets check definition for the word “Content”

Define content

Google Search Dicitionary

To check Movie’s Showtimes

You can just type as “movies” and you can specify your city name,if you already set local search address the it will show movies near by you.


Google search Movies

For Local Maps

You can readily get the Google map of your city or place,Lets see the state map of Tamil Nadu,India

Tamil Nadu map

Goole search mapThese tools are what you use everyday and now you can access them with just one click,If you found some other cool tricks please comment back

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