Computer have become an integral part of my life and may be yours too !. I make my living by computers and my first PC was the greatest gift ever I received from my parents.Sometimes we show our frustrations to our beloved computers and fail to realize that It was us to blame for making our computer sick.

Yes,We don’t realize how small action of ours can make big impact on life of our computer and of course our our pocket,Especially if you own a Mac.

Macbook Pro was the second ever computer I had and which I still have.After convincing my parents and whomsoever advised me,not to go with expensive Big Mac.

Within just six moths of its arrival,I dropped it twice and did whatever awful thing I could do with the screen but….Luckily..I got the perfect Macbook protection.From my personal experience,Here I am sharing few tips to protect your expensive Macbook.

This is an ultimate guide for Macbook Protection which deals with both physical and software aspects.

Physical Protection

Macbook Pro was one of the robust laptop I ever used,I got a mid 2012 model which comes with uni-metal body and looks very sleek.There are few parts you need to take care of,they are

  • Metal body
  • Guarding the screen (Most essential )
  • Keypad and Trackpad

To avoid scratches in Metal body

Seriously..shit happens…and it happens frequently So its better to take prevention than to cure.As I mentioned earlier,Macbook pro comes with a metal body which is highly polished ,So you need to make sure you that you have some protection on while you are using it outdoors.

I personally use a black colored pouch which perfectly fits in any 13″ laptop and also doesn’t cost much.This is an essential protection for any laptop and use it every time.Its looks like below

macbook-pro-pouch : Macbook Protection

Outdoor protection

Pouch is good for indoor protection but for harsh conditions I go with additional layer of protection : case for MacBook Pro 13. These are plastic cases which can withstand tougher conditions,I use it whenever I get my Mac to places like shopping mall or friends residence.

It cost me around $25 but believe me its worth every penny.Apart from protection,It looks damn sexy.Especially the transparent See thru speck case.

Macbook-speck-case : Macbook Protection

Take care of the Screen

Screen is the most essential which you need to give maximum protection. Apple recommends iVisor Pro Matte Screen Protector to preserve the finish and clarity of your MacBook Pro display but that’s very costly for me ($36.95), I never wanted to spent buck after purchasing very costly computer but I was wrong and spent few dollars to preserve my costliest gift.

My choice was Kuzy – 13inch Clear Screen Protector Film which just costs $12 but best of its kind for this price range.Here is a good list of few more alternatives.

Keypad and Trackpad

I havent took much care about Keypads and Trackpad.Once I spilled some water on trackpad and it got sticky.I searched for solution online but the best recommendation was to leave it as it is and after few days after it become good again.

If you wish to spare some money on this then you can can get some excellent protection for both Trackpad and Keypad.

Software Protection

It’s a myth that virus only hits Windows computers.Its totally false,Mac OSx also very much prone to viruses and trojans.In fact PC Mag pulled a list of 10 most dangerous viruses for Mac.

Presently it’s not as severe as in WIndows machines, So with some precautions you can avoid those dreadful viruse’s.Follow these simple tips

  • Always update to latest version of OSx – Apple officially roles our security updates for Mac OSX,So keep your system updated as soon as possible.
  • Disable the java – Java has several security breaches and it’s the most likely application from which viruses get through.
  • Do not install random Apps from internet without having any knowledge about its credentials.
  • Finally,Install the Anti Virus.Here is a list of 5 Antivirus tool for Mac OSx

Extend the Battery Life

I have already written a in depth guide on making best out of your laptop battery.It’s mainly written with Macbook pro in mind,So go through it.

Clean your Mac

Clean My mac App is a one stop solution for removing all type of junks in your computer.I use it once a month or whenever I feel that my Mac is becoming slow.Similarly have a basic cleaning kit to clean the physical parts once a while.

Feel proud to own a Macbook.

Image – benjamin-nagel via Flickr

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