Ubuntu – one of the most favourite distribution channels for Linux worldwide. It has just recently released its latest version of the operating system. It’s called Ubuntu 13.04, that’s what all us geeks call it. Still, we like to tease it once in a while using its alliterative nick “Raring Ringtail” – the names get as ridiculous over time as better the system gets.


As you must already know, Ubuntu is developed as a mainstream Linux distribution by a community of developers. Their main aim is to make it easier for everyone to have free software to use. Once upon a time, this was just a dream. Still, in the most recent years, it has become quite possible to have open-source OS on your computer. This is obviously considering those of us who have lost any ability to master new technology. It is a boon to those who wish to get things done without the hassle of learning all there is to it.

Ubuntu provides you the best features of all your favourite paid systems. It does so in a way by replacing them with free open-source alternatives, and good ones at that. Ubuntu has not just touched the casual user market with its client operating system simply known as Ubuntu. It also has a considerable share in the server market with its Ubuntu Server and a cloud based server system called Ubuntu Cloud. All in all they have a guaranteed user-base of over 20 million and rising.

In other news, Ubuntu has made quite a dent in the mobile market as well. They’ve garnered an all-touch operating system for phones known as Ubuntu Phone. To those with dual core Androids, they have made a companion app for Android that would nicely complement the user experience on their Ubuntu based computer.

Download Links for Ubuntu 13.04:

Ubuntu 13.04 Install screen

Since download links are selected in real time for the most optimum distribution of server load you will have to go through the following page. Some formalities on the way can be totally skipped.

Ubuntu Download.

The link lets you choose from the LTS distribution that is exactly a year old now, or you could go for the latest Ubuntu 13.04 build. I’d recommend that you go for the 64 bit version.

I did find some issues in getting the 64 bit edition which erroneously gave me 32 bit downloads about thrice, followed with an erroneous download of 12.04, so I’d suggest you all to try this no-risk-link, for the proper Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit version of the latest release.

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