Is there a difference between how Uber USA drivers rate their passenger and the Uber UK drivers? Maybe not, in this article I present the 10 things a UK passenger claims are needed to assure a 5-starUber passenger rating.

The report was compiled from an Uber passenger with a 4.9-star rating in Manchester UK.

Always be on time

When you book an Uber, you are not booking a taxi; they do not have a meter running charging you for the time you take to come down. Even if they did, their income is mile based, which means that waiting costs the driver lost income. Also, consider where the driver must park, is it in a parking zone which must be paid? Or is it in the middle of a busy road where cops can come and find them? Imagine you are going to a job interview, or to a theater show, would you like to be late?

Don’t be a DJ

The driver has a radio and an entertainment center; this does not mean he is a mobile nightclub. Think of the driver’s music preferences as well as your own, and factor in decibels. The driver must provide a safe and comfortable ride, something that cannot be done when the volume is enough to destroy buildings or when the music to your ears is like chalk on aboard to the driver.

Pickup and Drop off Locations

Consider where you are, and how the driver will find you. Also, consider where you are going to and where the driver can stop to drop you off. Don’t send the driver on a SAS exploration of the smaller streets in your city, try to pinpoint exactly where you will be, so the driver can find you easily, as well as park in an appropriate manner if you do decide to be late.

Don’t be a mobile hog

Yes, you have an important call. Yes, you are the President of the US and the King of the Universe, you might even be Thanos. This doesn’t mean you can enter the car with the phone stuck to your ear, or even worse, on speaker. Shouting and talking on the phone for the duration of the ride and ignoring the driver is as about as rude as it gets.

Don’t slam the door

Do you remember what it’s like to have your car door slammed,and you hear the unbreakable glass thinking about cracking? Well, that is what the driver feels every time their door is slammed. Treat the car with the same respect you treat your own, and if you don’t own a car, the think of slamming windows at home. If you have no respect, then you won’t get a 5-star rating.

Mind your manners

Another form of respect is how you interact with the driver. Don’t be rude, even if you were kicked out of work, spat on in a pub, disowned by your rich parents and had your planet blown up by some giant fiery sword-wielding demon. Just keep your troubles to yourself and be polite. Don’t’ crack dirty jokes, don’t make racial slurs and don’t talk about anything that is provocative. Remember, a short ride can take a lifetime when suffering.

Don’t try to overfill the car

If you are ordering for a group, make sure you have the exact number of people that can fit into the car. Don’t order an UberX when you need an UberXL. Not only is driving over the permitted number of passenger’s illegal, but it can also lead to a cancellation, which is bad for both sides.

Don’t replace the GPS

Yes, you have a sexier voice than Waze, and yes you know the way so well you can do it when inebriated and asleep. This does not mean that you should start to tell the driver how and where to drive. In simple terms, don’t be a back-seat driver, it is bad enough doing it to family, now you are doing it to strangers that drive for a living.

Don’t snack in the car

Even if you just bought that tasty fish and chips or McDonald’s, and even if the driver states that the smell is fine, even if it isn’t. Don’t open the packages and start to eat, or drink. Riding and eating can make a mess and leave stains from your fingers. The smells might be great, truly wonderful, but you are not the only passenger,and the driver does not want your food smell remaining in the car for the next pick up.


You had a trip; you got from your location to your destination. TIP! Goddamnit Tip.


There is no difference between the US and the UK; passengers must meet the same standards that drivers expect and that will earn you a 5-star rating.

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Bikram Bhangoo is the co-founder of Ridesharing Forum who helps rideshare drivers and riders to find answers to their most pressing questions. With over 5 years of experience, Bikram brings a vast amount of knowledge, style, and skills to help fellow drivers. He has given over 10,000 rides with Uber and more than 3,500 rides with Lyft.



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