Two way radios or Walkie Talkies are one of the earliest mode of short distance communication devices and It finds its application in various contexts,even though Advanced Communication systems has evolved.

You may wonder why we still need to use Two Way radios ? because we have advanced mobile communication devices than that.

Your cell phones won’t be working anywhere,It depends on the location.A great example is when you went for a trekking you probably cant use Cell Phones since at highly areas there won’t be any Mobile phone Transmitters.

Especially In disaster periods like Hurricane attack and Earthquake,Your cellphone won’t be useful.

Another advantage is,Its cheap.You don’t need to pay monthly bill either.

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Basically Two way Radios comes in Three specifications UHF,VHF and FRM/GMRS.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency) type walkie talkies are best suited for indoor use.Since the waves are shorter,It gets you best signal reception by penetrating the walls.You can also use UHF device outdoor also but it won’t give higher range.

VHF(Very High Frequency) type walkie talkies are good for long distance communication but It has serious drawback.There should be Line of Sight in order to properly work under this frequency.

You can use this type of devices in locations where there are not much obstacles.

If you are willing to use it both on indoor and outdoor purposes then UHF type devices are best.

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