iOS System Recovery

The majority of us prefer Apple technology over Android because of the fluid processing of the iOS System. People are willing to spend a hefty amount despite them being so expensive. Apple devices generally work fine for years before such technical issues occur.

However, recently iPhone users have been experiencing some intractable problems post system update such as lagging or screen stuck on the Apple logo. It may be true to say that as Apple introduces more new features, the devices are bound to get slow as Apple introduces a new feature

 The good news is that TunesKit iOS System Recovery software has got Apple users covered! With the help of TunesKit, users can have an instant fix to any issues without reaching out to Apple’s technical support.

What is TunesKit iOS System Recovery?

TuneKit iOS System Recovery

There are several repair tools that people use to grapple with the iOS system issues. One of the topmost reliable tools is TunesKit iOS System Recovery. TunesKit is one of the top 10 iOS fixes of the year 2020. 

This recovery software is fairly easy to use. You can use the tool even though you might not be a non-technical person who helps the users get some serious issues without much hassle. You can avail of the software help for all your Apple devices. Whether it is your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, TunesKit iOS System Recovery has got you covered.  It helps you solve issues like frozen screen, stuck logo, boot loop, or black screen. 

It is quite a dedicated tool that enables its users to protect it from several kinds of device failures. Ranging from Restore to iOS Update Failure, TunesKit provides all such services.  The repair tool is useful for both not only for Mac and Windows.

Features of TunesKit iOS System Recovery

  • The best part of this repair tool is that users can enjoy its services for free.
  • It is quite a user-friendly tool that offers an instant fix to system issues. Users can avail of the Recovery Mode with a single click for free!
  • The tool kit acts as a rescue team for your device. It eliminates any issues that pose any threat to your device
  • Your Apple device is set up step-by-step by TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which brings it back to normal

 You can use the repair tool for all your iOS devices. In addition, they also provide customer support throughout the year 24/7.

How does TunesKit iOS System Recovery work?

TuneKit iOS System Recovery

It is one of the most influential iOS repair software. Hence, it is expected to provide services that meet users’ diverse needs.

1. Provides two recovery modes-

 TunesKit iOS System provides two recovery modes. They are Standard and Advanced. This ensures that users can solve the most conjoint as well as complicated iOS or TvOS errors.

  •  The standard recovery mode focuses upon common iOS issues. For example, fast battery drains soon after the update. In addition, the iPhone is stuck in recovery mode or starting on a loop or blank screen is also fixed. Using this recovery mode helps you fix the problem without losing any data.
  • The advanced recovery mode does not deal with any common iOS problems. At the same time, it focuses upon more complex issues like when an Apple device gets blocked.

2. Fixes iTunes Errors-

An iOS device update and restore with iTunes requires its users to download specific firmware from Apple Server. These help your iOS device to communicate with the Apple servers. Apple Servers may cause some iPhone/iTunes Errors at times. TunesKit iOS System Recovery can eliminate such errors swiftly like Restore error 17 or Sync error 1638.

 3. Downgrading iOS-

Note that iTunes allows its users to downgrade iOS, but in fact, this downgrade is an iTunes restore. This erases all existing data. TunesKit fixes this issue and helps recover all your data. Certainly, it functions as a multi-functional repair tool.

 4. Entry/Exit Recovery Mode with just one click-

The entry/exit recovery mode of your iPhone device is quite complicated, especially because you need to follow a bunch of steps to do so, unlike TunesKit, which fixes these issues and allows you to use entry/exit recovery mode; with just a single click!

What are the pros and cons of this repair tool?

TuneKit iOS System Recovery

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of TunesKit iOS System Recovery- 


  • Excellent restoration capability without data loss
  • Simple and easy user interface
  • Supports almost all Apple devices
  • Has quite a reasonable price- just $39.95 for a lifetime service
  • No annoying advertisement on the TunesKit interface
  • Fast recovery speed helps you fix your issues in minutes


  • Only a few functions are available in the free trial
  • Moreover, the repair tool fixes only iOS related issues


TunesKit is a multi-functional repair tool. It can be purchased at quite a reasonable price. It meets up to user expectations by providing instant practical fixes. You can put all your faith in TunesKit without a doubt for restoring your iOS system issues.

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