With just a month and half to go for 2016, developers are busy predicting the major software development trends for the coming year. However, today we will take a look at the trends that emerged most powerful in 2015 – since they will continue to cast similar influence on software development in the days to come. So, read on and stay informed!


Software development: The most notable trends of 2015 that will continue to dominate 2016

The emergence of the improvised Revision Control Tools

Thanks to the emergence of the online communities and open source environment, it is now easier for programmers across the globe to collaborate on codes easily. Remember the days of the Rational ClearCase and Concurrent Versions Systems? The version control systems have come a long way from those days. The arcane command line tools have now metamorphosed into easy to use interfaces that enable easier reviewing of others’ works and commenting on those works as well.

The increased use of the JavaScript MV* Frameworks

With the rise of the sophisticated JavaScript MV* Frameworks, the traditional JavaScript Files are slowly fading away. There was a time when everyone would try and write JavaScript to ensure that the email address in the form actually had a @sign. However, the modern HTML AJAX apps are very sophisticated and there is actually no need for people to start everything from the scratch. It is much easier to adopt more elaborate frameworks and write down the glue code to materialize your business logic. Thanks to the rise of the multiple frameworks like Meteor JS, AngularJS and Kendo one can jolly well tackle the events of web apps and pages quite easily.

Open Source Frameworks

There has been a marked increase in the use of Open Source Frameworks in recent times. Irrespective of whether you’re using cell phones or computer or for that matter any other connected devices—you will find yourself relying more on open source framework. It would be a bit incongruous to brand Open Source as a trend which had emerged in the year 2015. However, one can easily say that the introduction of sites like GitHub has made it easier for both the professionals and the amateurs to develop improvised software faster.

IoT or the Internet of Things

IoT or the Internet of Things

Today, several types of electronic gadgets are linked to cloud. Needless to mention, cloud storage makes it easier for you to access your files from various electronic devices. Developers are now busier than ever to create platforms that are in compliance with cloud. In fact, the electronic devices are increasingly being connected to the servers, Internet and cloud among others – together known as the Internet of Things or IoT. With the fast emergence of IoT, software developers are required to stay vigilant and find out how exactly they can devise programs that are easy for users to use.

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