If you are a start-up or any kind of entrepreneur it can be hard to afford the right tech to get your company competitive. You don’t want to rent as that is too much of an income strain, but buying bargain tech has the habit of blowing up in your face when you don’t need it too.


Tips from an industry expert

Poonam Sasane, Marketing Analyst at Vouchacodes.co.uk, offers several tips for new businesses and entrepreneurs that are trying to get the tech they need to make their companies run well but keep costs down. A frequent presence at many of the major conventions on tech, Sasane says that the issue she sees is entrepreneurs are looking for the deal at the wrong end of the purchasing process. The savings may not be in the implementation of hardware or service, but in what it takes to keep it running for as long as possible. If the tech is too cheap, it can break and repairs can be costly. Here are the four core tips she suggests:

Tip #1- Know what you need backups for

This isn’t about the tech so much as what will be on it. Sasane says the worst buying choices are made in a panic because data has become inaccessible. Identify what needs to be backed up and do so on a regular basis to prevent panic buying of replacement hardware.

Tip #2 – Buy with an eye for DIY

Buy with an eye for DIY

You don’t have to become a technical engineer, but you should know which of your gadgets you can do some of your own repairs on. Smart phones and tablets are the main items to look at. It takes a few minutes of research to find out which models allow for easy screen replacement, that can save you hundreds if you go past the warranty.

Tip #3 – Look for compatible products

Plugs, chargers and cables can be prohibitively expensive for some items. Computer ink and printer heads are one example of a component you can almost always get for far less from an off brand than the manufacturer. These may seem like small amounts to save, but when you look at it per unit in your company, you can see how it can add up.

Tip #4 – Look for savings tied to tech

Sometimes what makes a gadget cost effective isn’t the discount that you get on anything that is part of the gadget, but the discounts owning that gadget can allow you to get with other services. Check tech based voucher sites for discounts on air fare and other items associated with the lifestyle needs of people in the tech industries. The savings you get on that airfare for a conference can be well worth it.

The best practice of all

Sasane sums up her tips as saying the best practice is to become a fully informed shopper. You don’t want to know just how a gadget or equipment performs, you want to know what it takes to keep it running and the expectations for repairs. Once you have a full list of details about the tech you are considering it becomes easier to fill in the dollar amounts with some research so you really know which is the cost effective choice.

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