Top Tech Smart Gadgets For The Home

by Dan

With the busy nature of our lives, it’s great to have some digital assistance to entertain us and keep us organised. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting gadgets on the market, from digital devices that do all the work for you, to gadgets that help guard the house when you’re away. When it comes to the right type of device for you, there are plenty of affordable smart gadgets to choose from online. There are designs out there to suit all needs and budgets, so get browsing!

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Amazon Echo Dot

This voice activated, multimedia smart speaker is like having a charming personal assistant wherever you go. You can pretty much command it to play music for you, order your takeaway meal, request rides from Uber, and so much more. It does this wirelessly by connecting to Bluetooth, and comes with Cloud based storage. You can even voice control your home and keep track of sports scores and weather updates. Simply say the name “Alexa” before you ask it anything, and your digital robot will respond to you straight away. There are so many features that come along with the Amazon Echo that you’ll never be bored. It’s the perfect hands free device for simplifying your life, without you having to lift a finger. You can also do your shopping with it, ad it’s particularly excellent for keeping children entertained for hours.

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Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells are on the rise, and work similarly to home intercom systems in the way that they show you who’s at your front door. The built in video camera means that you won’t have to open the door with caution, and you’ll never miss a visitor again. Instead, it will allow you to see directly whether it’s the postman, neighbor, or stranger, waiting for you to let them in. This tech forward device also sends alerts to your smartphone. Now you can feel fully protected with  extra tight, high intelligence security monitoring. Check out this site for reviews.

The Sleep Number Smart Bed 360™

Wave goodbye to sleepless nights, with this incredible self adjusting mattress. Ensuring that you’re always comfortable, this tech savvy design self adjusts to match the sleepers’ slightest of movements. Get a good night guaranteed, with extra features like foot warming technology and special snore sensors. This product has only just been released, but will be available within the first half of this year. Sweet dreams here we come!

The August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is perfect for busy parents who want to control who comes into their home. It’s great if you have young kids at school who might be prone to forgetting their key and getting locked out. It also allows you to let in visiting family and friends who may not necessarily have a copy of your key. This device is operated easily on-the-go, whether you’re in the office or out doing your grocery shopping. Its smart technology means that you can control the device using your smartphone.

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