Mobile applications have taken the tech world by storm in the last couple of years. Here are some of the Hottest Mobile Application Trends for 2012.


Paying on the go

Mobile payment is becoming a much more mainstream option for smart phone consumers, but it won’t get really big until the middle of this decade. That’s because those who’ve designed and sold it still have some problems with user-friendliness as well as some security glitches. These are expected to be worked out completely in due time. You want to keep your eyes peeled, specifically for the words “Near Field Communication” (NFC), because this is going to be big.

Context-Aware Apps

Smart phones are going to be one heck of a lot smarter once they’ve been equipped with context awareness. This exciting new technology has a great ability to incorporate the particular user’s entire presence-of-mind into the overall interactive experience. It’s not just about marketing, but it sure could make a difference in that department as well. Your interests, ideas, surroundings, plans, friendships, etc., will all be heavily considered in tailoring all kinds of stuff for you.

Recognizing Objects

With the tremendously sophisticated sensors and processors included with upscale mobile models, you have advanced environmental sensitivity. Object recognition is inherently a breeze to use, so the only prohibition for users is the price, which is likely to fall steeply this year or next. The great thing about object recognition is that it is easy to use synergistically with other existing applications, allowing for much more intelligent and effective experiences.

Video on the Go

The popularity of mobile video is already great, but it’s going to reach new heights as the technology gets better and less expensive. You see everybody taking videos of every event imaginable – sometimes to public chagrin, but quite often for great justice. The sociological implications of mobile video are best left to the professors… if you are an investor, a tech nerd, or just a trend follower in general, these are exciting times for mobile video

Personal Cloud

As the cloud grows more advanced and secure, the choice of it over a traditional PC is quickly manifesting itself as the no-brain choice. The cloud platform concept has turned out to be the perfect solution for app-heavy mobile society, on both the macro and individual levels. Everything computer oriented will be curated and hosted much more perfectly on the cloud, and user experience will be all the richer.

QR Scanning

Those mutated barcodes have been appearing everywhere lately, and that’s not likely to stop until there’s some kind of horrible global catastrophe, or something else really cool comes along to replace them. For now, they’re all the rage, allowing for quick transmission of information about, well, just about anything to your mobile device. Don’t be afraid of the mark of the beast.

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Brain Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix Mobile. Forix specializes in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms and have recently started serving clients with their initiatives in mobile app development Phoenix, AZ.

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