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If you came across HEIC files and want to view or edit them, you’ll need to check whether you have software that supports this image format. Even though on Apple devices, HEIC is the default file type for taking photos since iOS 11, other technologies and platforms will need some time to adopt it and provide support for handling these files. 

In the meantime, the easiest way to open or manipulate HEIC files is still with HEIC to JPG converters. By converting HEIC to JPG, you’ll get the most compatible image format supported with most browsers, image editing or viewing apps, operating systems, etc.

There are a few options for converting HEIC to JPG format. Depending on your preference, you can use an online tool, online app, specialized software, or image processing program for converting HEIC to JPG format. The simplest solution is an online tool while converting file formats with the program requires some instructions. 

If you need to convert HEIC to JPG quickly, check out our recommendations. First, let’s see what you gain and what you lose with this conversion and a bit more about HEIC and JPG format.

HEIC vs JPG file format

JPG or JPEG is probably the most recognized image format and most compatible with a range of apps, web browsers, devices, etc. Whether you use Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. your mobile, or some other device, you’ll be able to view JPG digital photos.  

On the other hand, MPEG’s HEIC or High Efficiency Image Format has many advantages, and besides images, it can store image sequences. HEIC also supports a 16-bit color palette while JPG supports only 8-bit. Also, it is a fact that compared to JPG, HEIC files have 50% smaller files with better photo quality.

Even though HEIC is an innovative image format that uses an advanced compression algorithm, the reason it is not still the number one most popular image format is a lack of support on major platforms.

Nevertheless, Apple decided to use HEIC format to save storage space, but it also left a possibility for using JPG on their devices. Because of compatibility issues, Apple users tend to take their photos in HEIC format and convert them to JPG when they want to edit, share, or transfer them on other devices.   

Free online HEIC to JPG converters

HEIC to JPG convertersThe fastest way to convert a few HEIC files to JPG format is undoubted with a free online converter. Online-based tools have the advantage of functionality across different platforms, which means they can work on various operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc.). Luckily, we have several great choices for you.

As far as free online tools go, this one is the simplest HEIC to JPG converter. If you need to change your files’ format, will provide you its services for free and without any additional setbacks as registration or installation of third-party software. The conversion process is pretty straightforward. It is easy as dragging and dropping your files and starting the conversion. Modern interface design will help you finish converting all your files in just a few moments. Overall this is a useful tool that provides free online HEIC to JPG unlimited daily conversions. To summarize key features of include:

  • Completely FREE unlimited daily conversions;
  • Available on different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.);
  • Supports multiple files conversions (up to 5 files) with drag and drop or add URL method;
  • No ads;
  • Doesn’t need registration or installing new software;
  • Keeps the EXIF data;
  • The download of converted files is available on the website.

If you need something more from HEIC to JPG online converter, is going to help you. Besides being a universal format converter that supports a wide variety of image, document, vector, audio, video, presentation, archive, e-book, and spreadsheet formats, is entirely free to use. Also, some optional settings for image manipulation are available that you can adjust before converting your files. Converting HEIC to JPG with this free online converter is simple, and you can also convert your files to other popular image formats. Among all mentioned above, key reasons why you should use are:

  • FREE unlimited daily conversions per user;
  • Enabled batch conversions of 10 files simultaneously; 
  • Supported conversions of large files (up to 200 MB) with drag and drop or adding files from URL option;
  • An abundance of input and output video, audio, image, vector, spreadsheet, presentation, e-book, archive, document formats; 
  • Download link available directly on the website;
  • Universal availability across different platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.);
  • It doesn’t require registration or installing new software.

Free apps that can convert HEIC to JPG format

If you don’t mind installing a new app that has just one task to convert HEIC to JPG file type, then there are some great options for you. Check before installing because these apps might not work on every operating system, or you’ll need to download a system-specific app. Nevertheless, these apps are free to use.  


Indeed, one of the most popular apps for HEIC to JPG format conversion is iMazing. A small and compact solution for HEIC to JPEG or PNG conversion comes with some advanced features. Summarized features of this app include:

  • Batch HEIC file conversion with drag and drop method;
  • Output formats are JPEG and PNG;
  • No ads;
  • Keeps the EXIF metadata, supports color profiles, and has quality settings;
  • The conversion process significantly increases file size (up to six times);
  • Rotates images 90o anti-clockwise after JPEG conversion.


Apowersoft app offers free conversion of HEIC to JPG file format, but it works only on Windows, and it leaves a watermark on your files unless you go for a paid version. There is an online version of this app, and it functions a bit better. Besides a few drawbacks, Apowersoft is another free solution for HEIC to JPG conversion.

  • Batch file conversion (up to 60 files) with drag and drop support;
  • 1-click download for all output images;
  • Ad-free user interface;
  • Supports adjusting JPEG quality and EXIF metadata;
  • There is no Mac supported version;
  • Accessing files is possible only after download from their cloud server.

CopyTrans HEIC for Windows

Another convenient way to view and convert HEIC to JPG images is with this plugin that works only with Windows Photo Viewer. Its use is limited, but it provides a free service for personal use. Since it serves as an upgrade for the software you already have, this solution might be convenient for converting HEIC to JPG files after all. Here are essential features that can help you decide whether you want to use it on your PC:

  • Works with Windows Photo Viewer;
  • Enables HEIC file thumbnail preview;
  • Supports batch image conversion;
  • Rotates most of the images 90o anti-clockwise in batch conversion;
  • Functions exclusively on Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.

How to choose HEIC to JPG file format converter?

Depending on your personal preference, you now have plenty of choices for free HEIC to JPG converter. If you have spare time and many HEIC files, you’ll want an app to use. However, if you need to quickly open HEIC files, a free online tool is the way to go. 

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