Top Five Apps for Film Fans

Top Five iPhone Apps for Film Fans

by Dan

Top Five Apps for Film FansFilm fans with smartphones can take advantage of hundreds of apps designed specifically with movie buffs in mind. From archives to trivia to free cinema tickets there are apps around for almost everything you can think of that has anything at all to do with film and television. Check out some of the highest rated:


The Flixster app is an absolute must-have for film fans everywhere, and best of all it’s totally free. You can check out high quality film trailers right there on your phone, read reviews of upcoming movies with the recognisable Rotten Tomato rating system and find out what films are due for release on DVD. Users can also search for local cinemas and find out what’s playing where and when and even book tickets if the cinema has an online booking facility. Write your own reviews and share your opinions with friends or simply have a look to see who is watching what, all in one free and easy to use app.

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In terms of functionality this app is very similar to Flixster. The difference is that this is Flixster for the űbernerd! Jam packed with every piece of trivia you ever wanted to know about every film listed and then some, this app is for those movie fans who just aren’t happy simply watching a film and knowing who is in it but have to have the inside scoop on who bought the biscuits on set and what the cameraman was wearing!

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Unlike many other movie apps this one actually lets you watch full length films from your phone. For a one off payment of just £1.49 you get access to an archive of over 1000 old films. Of course there are some you may not want to bother with but there are also some truly classic gems.

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Scene It? Movies

Most people are familiar with the Scene It? games. They have been around in one format or another for years, as board games, on the DS, the Wii and various other platforms. Now there’s a Scene It? app so you can play the movie trivia game wherever you happen to be. The only problem with this app, as with the games themselves, is that there are a limited number of questions so after you’ve played a few times you know all the answers


Every few years or so somebody invents something that leaves the whole world saying; “Why on earth didn’t I think of that?” RunPee is definitely one of those things. A simple tool, this app lets you know when it’s ‘safe’ to go for a wee while at the cinema by letting you know when a dull bit is coming up. It also gives you a timer so you know when the next pee opportunity will be, tells you if there’s anything after the credits to stick around for and will give you a synopsis of the first five minutes of the film if you arrive late. Brilliant.

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