Apple has expanded its kingdom by letting iOS fight out the race with Android. However, with time Android has placed itself on a high pedestal keeping iOS dry and low. It is time for Apple to make some much required changes in its approach to bring in specialized features. These additions could take forward Apple iOS to a brand new level.

With Apple iPhone 5S being in the pipeline for launch, there are too many suggestions for Apple iOS features. Third party apps, finer home screen, widgets, download option, iTune sync with apps, music and videos are some of the common features that need to be added in order to make Apple iOS a powerful competitor for Android.

Being Less of restrictive and more of communicative

Apple has always been restrictive in its functionality. This is one thing that has been erased by Android. If Apple needs to get to serious business then it must follow the footsteps of Android and start by becoming less of restrictive and more of communicative in its iOS functions.

Apple apps store is the king of the jungle. But what good can it all have when users around the world are hankering for third party apps. Even free bingo games have to be downloaded from a third party. Apple is always in a better position with its high quality apps but Android apps are in better shape due to their widgets.

Notification Centre with Quick settings

In order to make music and social networking better, Apple should add widget and some more features. Topping the popularity chart in games will not make Apple proud in the apps market. First Android feature that Apple should add in iOS is a Notification Centre with Quick settings.

This feature would enable Android-like user accessibility via user-centric notification facilities. This feature will make Apple users access certain settings through their own version of Notification Centre similar to Android users. Apple can include third party apps which will enable Android- like toggling within apps but not having to leave the app for making changes like brightness adjust.

Apple needs to upgrade home screen shortcuts option similar to Android. Currently home screen icons can be set as bookmarks in accessing Web apps and web pages. But Android makes it easy for users to easily access web information, letting them set a shortcut to a specific page or intra-apps functionality.

Improving Navigation

Apple should learn to erase navigation option for users so that they do not have to go for complete navigation every time they want to find information.

Google navigation is excellent but it does not allow iOS users to find information quickly. Numerous screens need to be currently navigated by iOS users to receive information. Apple must incorporate Android like Home screen shortcuts option for web browsing as well as app usage.

Auto correction and user defined dictionary

Apple must make immediate recovery in its frustrating autocorrect options. iOS users expect better offering from Apple in this section. Apple must follow Android in order to get away with its strange name/address/object suggestions integrated in iOS.

Apple must include some kind of user-editable word dictionary for iOS. Android users have zero tension while punching in words. Users never have to think twice while typing uncommon or strange words and expressions as Android OS finely manages auto correction of words.

Users can simply press a single backspace and Android would restore a word to its original form. This is very handy when it comes for a word that was unwanted. Apple must include this feature which will immensely help users in auto correction and add words to the dictionary.

Apple users may not like being regularly filtered via email. Currently they have to suffer Apple’s high-handed reading of their GPS locations and regularly filtering of users through email. Apple must make it a point to become a comfortable user-interface in order to match Android.

Custom Icons and Default Apps

Android users enjoy default apps option. Apple forces its users to use Apple apps like Google Maps or Waze. As an Apple user one might love using them but forcing them on users is not a good idea to make itself number 1 in the market.

Android users are asked for default actions at every step. Apple must follow Android in understanding the basic fact there are a million apps running in the phone. Default apps are a novel way to change into application manager. This way apps can launch by default or follow other functions while launching. This is a significant change that be introduced by Apple.

Compatibility with Media Formats

Apple must make it a point to make its iTune interface user-compatible. Music, videos, images and apps should be able to sync well with iTunes. This is probably an age-old desire from Apple users.

Persistent need for Laptops should not cross the mind of users and there should not be a restrictive feeling of inaccessibility when users are applying iTunes. Apple must upgrade itself to modern day interfaces and user-comforts.

File Download Support

Apple iOS must support file download. Attachments of all types must be enabled by Apple iOS. Videos, mp3, audio and various other attachments must be made free for downloads. This will make Apple iOS users shout out ‘Freedom’ from restriction.

Apple iOS must add multitasking to its interface. Users must be able to move around from one app to another.

‘Format Support’ is another thing that Apple iOS must incorporate to win back Apple patrons. Android users have no problem accessing any kind of video or applications. File conversion is a problem which must be immediately wiped out by Apple.

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