Since its introduction, android applications have gained massive popularity. This is because they combine style and efficiency to give the best solution for all computing needs. Most people know android for the phones, but there are other android apps for cloud computing that are just amazing. Here is a list of the best.

Google Documents (Google Drive)

Have you ever wished you wouldn’t have to download documents before you can read or edit them? Well, this is exactly what Google docs allow you to do. You are able to open documents and edit them online. What is even more important is the fact that you are also able to share the files with other users of the cloud computing network.

Safe wallet

– This application enables you to store documents with encrypted information on your desktop. You can choose to sync the information in the wallet with your smartphone through cloud. This is another very popular product from android for cloud computing. It enables you access and store private and even sensitive information without the fear of losing it.


– This application enables the users to sync the smartphone, cloud and desktop. Using this application, you are able to clip a web page or series of web pages and sync them on the desktop. There is also another app that resembles this one in function. It is called the spring pad. However, the springpad is more useful than evernote because the information you store there can be used when you are offline.


– This is yet another very popular android app. It enables the users of android to share files without the use of internet. This is done through the wireless system. Cloud provides temporary storage for the data that is being transferred across networks by the different users.


– Most android apps have a good emailing system. This is where users are able to compose, send and share messages across networks. The android email service includes all the functions of regular email. Android email is a very popular android app for computing. Android operating system.Here are some of them: MailDroid, K9-Mail, Gmail

Although it is usually taken for granted, the operating system is a very essential part of the android apps. It is said to be one of the best. This is because it is user friendly. It has also played a very huge role in transforming the world of mobile phone cloud computing. It has the most effective features that enable the users to easily access internet services just like they would on a computer. Those are the most popular apps for cloud computing that android has come up with. The popularity of android apps is based on the fact that they combine user friendliness and portability. Nowadays, people are moving further away from the idea of sitting at a place to access the services of the internet. They want to take their documents and everything else that relates to their business everywhere they go. This is the reason why Google android’s apps for cloud computing are so popular.

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