If you’ve ever tried working with the videos, you would know that their size keeps expanding enormously with its additional frame. These video files take up a lot of space on your computer storage and hence it is necessary to compress these files. 

One can reduce these gigabytes of files into a few megabytes without losing their quality with the help of a video compressor online. These compressors compress a video to a smaller size while preserving its quality. 

Here’s a review of 7 best video compression tools online free to compress your videos.

1. Wondershare UniConverter Online

To match your video compression needs, Wondershare Uniconverter Online is an incredibly efficient free MP4 video compressor. It is a free online video compression tool to compress your videos online and free, and is also free from any watermarks. It supports different video formats including MKV, MP4, MOV, FLV, VOB, AVI, etc. You can compress your videos without any reduction in quality and configure the video settings to compress MP4 files. For quick shortening of your MP4 files, you don’t need to download the Wondershare Uniconverter software. Everything can be done with this Online Converter to compress your videos online and free on your Mac/PC. Just follow the simple steps below.

Compress a video online with these 3 simple steps:—

First and the foremost, open the Online Uniconverter website to use the file compressor.

Step 1 – Add your files or videos from the computer which you want to compress by clicking on the ‘+’ icon or using the drag and drop option.

Step 2 – Now choose the output settings to set the resolution and size of the video that you want and click ‘COMPRESS’

Step 3 – Wait while the video is compressed. As soon as the video is compressed, download the video and save it to your Dropbox.


  • Can support different formats of video.
  • No video quality loss while compression.


Steps are a bit complicated to compress any audio file.

2. Clipchamp Utilities

Clipchamp Utilities provides video professionals with a versatile collection of online tools such as a recorder, video compressor, and converter. It auto-determines the file, its size, and the level of compression to produce a file that is optimized and high quality.


  • It contains multiple formats and video codecs.
  • Has advanced functionality such as batch assembly, video recorder, etc.


  • Unlike UniConverter, it is not offline.
  • Compresses videos with watermarks.

3. Free Convert

FreeConvert.com is an online video conversion software that converts your media from one medium to another for free. It transforms almost all the video formats into file formats such as 3GP, MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV.  You can also opt to transform your video files so that they can be played by specific devices such as Android phones or iPhone. 


  • No need to install or download
  • Files are secure via the HTTPs protocol


  • Not found any

4. Online Converter

OnlineConverter.com provides free online video conversion service for a broad range of formats and data types. It is a flexible and multifunctional converter. Other than this, which is a handy tool for your professional and personal life.


  • Free service
  • Easy to use


No cons

5. You Compress

A quick video compressor is useful for those who are trying to reduce the scale of their audio files, photographs and photos. It comes with no constraints or limits. You can turn the video to multiple video formats. As the whole process is automated on YouCompress, however, you cannot make any modifications to the resolution of the output video. It’s simple to use, and quick too. Your compressed video will also be ready in only a few minutes, in far less size than the original one.


  • Does not leave a watermark
  • Very convenient to use 
  • Enables audio, video and file compression


  • Can’t decide the output format
  • File sharing not available

6. File Convert

One can use this program to compress any online video for free. This service can reduce the size of a video by more than 90 per cent, while retaining the same level of content. Alternatively, you can also decrease the video width and delete the background music to further reduce the video size.


  • Works on your web browser
  • No need to install or download


Takes too much time for compression


PS2PDF MP4 Video Compressor enables a limitless compression of MP4 files. It is the quickest free MP4 video compressor available online on the internet which does video compression for free. By setting Preset to Medium and Constant Rate Factor to ~21, you can resize an MP4 video to get an exceptional quality of the compressed MP4 video.


  • Very easy to handle 
  • Work much faster when compared to other programs
  • No compromise in quality


No such drawbacks found


Choosing one video compressor is difficult but the one that is mentioned above are the seven best video compressors available in the digital market right now. 

Picking the right one depends on your needs, size, and the performance you are looking for in your target videos. It also depends on your expenses. 

There are also highs and lows with all the apps and in the end you have to check them out to see which one suits the best with your needs. For more information on the video compressors, you can go through the website.

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