Yet another Android Messaging App which integrates Free Vice call feature with Free Instant Messaging ability.The UI is mostly dominated by Purple color and nicely integrated with Android and iOS devices.

Like Line,It aslo Stickers features by which you can send variety of available stickers along with your Message,Its a Enhanced version of Emoticons.

Viber is completely Ad free.Presently more than 175 million users are using this App and rated averagely 4.4 out of 5 in Google Play store.

[gplay link=””] Viber [/gplay]



Presently, WeChat has more than 300 million users which makes it as one of the most used Android Message App.The main focus of this app is rich Instant Messaging experience and Recorded voice messages.

It supports other features like Stickers,Video Calls and most of all,Walkie Talkie like Voice Chats.

Walkie Talkie Live voice chat is introduced in its 4.5 version,Its like a using a walkie talkie to communicate with your friends,One person talks at a time and other people listens.This feature can be used to communicate with up to 40 friends.

It has a strong user base in Asian countries and slowly growing in American continent also.

[gplay link=””] WeChat [/gplay]


Well,There are numerous other Apps available for Instant Messaging but these are the most dominated Apps in the market.Unlike Apps in other categories,Messaging Apps popularity grows exponentially with increase in number of users.Because every user has a potential to bring more user and its better to adopt a single Platform where your friends base is very rich.

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Last update : 2013-04-29

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