While prepping for back to school time again this year, parents might just consider adding some of the following apps to their students’ supplies of low-tech notebooks, pens, and textbooks.

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer, available for Apple and Android, is a great way to keep the family organized and on track. The app provides a family calendar for appointments, games, practices, and vacations and syncs the information to each family member’s phone or tablet. Now, all of those important reminders are available at the touch of a button and with you all of the time


CourseSmart puts the weight of all of those textbooks inside one hefty app for Apple and Android. With CourseSmart, students can access their readings on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Now, your student doesn’t have to break his or her back lugging around all of those heavy, awkward textbooks.


One of the most important items your student needs for school success is a dictionary, and Dictionary.com puts this weighty tool in a simple to use app. Available for Apple and Android products, the Dictionary.com app lets your student search for the meanings of those difficult words and also provides them with useful synonyms and antonyms. It replaces that clunky paperback copy with its torn pages and frees him or her from having to lug around a hardback copy as big as a doorstop.


Evernote, available for most mobile devices, including Apple, Android and Microsoft Windows Phones, allows your student to make and synchronize notes, lists, and voice memos and makes them searchable (even text within images). Now your student will no longer have to suffer the disarray of sticky notes and odd scraps of paper. All his or her notes can be collected in Evernote and accessed from any synced device, making it easy to share documents with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.


Available for the iPhone, MyHomework makes it easy for your student to keep track of his or her class schedule and pending assignments by color-coding them according to their due dates. It will also sync with their desktop, laptop, or tablet device so he or she will always be on top of those important assignments and dates.

Documents to Go

Finally, available for iPhone or iPad, Documents to Go allows your student to sync Microsoft documents, PDFs, and more to his or her tablet or mobile device. This is a convenient method for storing syllabi, class notes, and other important documents that he or she wants access to at any given moment.
Today’s technology has evolved to be more than just a convenient way to watch movies or play games. It has also come a long way toward helping to improve education. When used correctly, these, and other similar apps, can help your student to succeed.

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