While you buy an iPhone 5, it is necessary that you know about its full functionality and features so you can utilize the phone to its full potential. However, the manual of the iPhone does not provide you with some hidden facts and functionality features. You have to search for online tips and tricks so that you will be able to use the phone and never get tired of any feature that you do not understand.

However, always make sure that you do not apply tips on the technical features of the iPhone. For example, if some tip says you can unscrew the iPhone of any part of its body to get an advantage in its features or enhance its speed; do not go for such kinds of tips. Only use certain tips that increase the capability of the phone without tearing it down. Some of the safer tips are as follows:

iPhone 5

1) The iPhone may sometimes not respond to your commands and activities. You may lose its functionality if you reset it. However, getting it out of its comma situation is very easy without harming the specs. Tap and hold down the home button. Simultaneously, tap the sleep/wake button. The phone will revive.

2) Using the Safari to save data is very easy. If you like an image on a webpage and do not know how to save it, simply tap and hold on the image. A pop-up menu will appear telling you to save the image. You can save it to your offline photo stream in your phone.

3) While browsing, sometimes the pages are so long and you scroll to the bottom. Then going to the top is very time taking. For this, you can tap twice at the top of the screen to scroll the page right up to the top without you manually scrolling it up.

4) Taking pictures with an iPhone is very difficult. Your hands shake and sometimes you have to stop breathing to capture a less distorted image. However, there is a solution to it. Attach the headphones to the phone. Place the phone in the position to take the picture of the object, on a smooth surface. Click the headphone button, as it will work like the button of the camera in the iPhone.

5) If you want to start the media player for songs while you are in the middle of work, typing emails and you do not want to close every app, all you need is to hit the home button twice. A menu bar will pop up at the bottom. You can scroll to the left to get media player buttons on it. Play your son, tap the button twice again to hide the menu bar and keep working without interruption.

6) Use Siri for the voice functions. Tap and hold the home button for a few seconds. The Siri microphone icon will appear. You can tell it to write for you, text to your contacts, dial calls for you etc. you can also talk to it like you are talking to a person. You can ask about weather form it for everyday and it will recommend you to take an umbrella when it rains. You can also ease up work for Siri by defining relationships with your contacts like brother, sister, etc. then you can tell it to call sister, and it will.

For other tips, look for blogs online and search the tips with Google. However, keep in mind that whatever you do, do buy protective accessories for your phone. It is a very delicate phone and needs protection from dust, harm, damages, and scratches. You can either buy skins and cases, or go for mobile phone insurance which is affordable, yet offers good cover levels.

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