Do you think that your video is too slow or too fast? Thanks to the advanced technology because this is no longer a problem to worry about. There are some professional tools, which you can use to slow down and speed up video. These tools are very important because they contribute to the adding of quality to your videos. Below are top 5 useful tools to speed up and slow down video.\

1. Aimersoft video editor


Aimersoft video editor speeds up and slows down videos; this tool is very powerful and will definitely give you very good results. The program supports a wide range of images, audio and video formats. It does not matter if the video is downloaded or homemade all is needed of you is to drag and drop it to the software. Once you have finished, speeding and slowing down the video, Aimersoft video editor enables you to save the video in a format that you want, or you can even transfer that video to your portable devices. This tool is easy to use and really cool; with Aimersoft video editor, you will be able to create a professional grade movie.

2. Windows Movie Maker

windows movie maker

This program has been standard for many years with all machines operating on the windows platform.  Windows Movie Maker is designed as a basic editing tool, which is very effective and enables users to speed up and slow down videos and add soundtracks transitions as well as other effects. After you are done with the editing, you can now go ahead and upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook. In addition, this program makes it possible for users to crop, cut and rotate your video. By far, Windows Movie Maker is the most widely used and is well known for the best results that it gives.

3. iMovie


iMovie is a professional tool that is used to speed up and slow down a video. The program is easy to use and capable of creating fresh videos without the users having to apply any video editing skills. IMovie has clean interfaced that are attractive, user-friendly as well as it is easy to navigate. With this tool, it only takes minutes to import all your videos from different devices and save them to different devices. It is even possible to export the file directly to Facebook as well as YouTube. iMovie is efficient and effective, when it comes to speeding up and slowing down a video it is guarantee that this program can never let you down.

4. Lightworks


This program is very advanced and the best thing about it is that it is free. Light works is recommended for users that are familiar with other video editing software as well as have used programs that are similar before. This program is good when it comes to speeding up and slowing down a video. However, if you have never used it before, you will have to take some time to learn how it works. Light works has the professional level of color correction, video capture and supports a wide range of formats. This program has the traditional video editing tools for cutting, trimming, cropping and more.

5. Avidemux


This program is available for Mac, Windows as well as Linux; it is an open source video editing tool.  Avidemux is designed for speeding up and slowing down videos, quick video trimming, and filtering as well as encoding videos. With this program, you can apply visual effects to your video and convert them to other formats. Avidemux can also insert or extracts audio streams from or into a video file; this program is effective and provides a slew of other features. The program is easy to use, so if you are using it for the first time it is not going to give much trouble.

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