In many instances, you may need to change the screen resolution or resize your video. Probably, you need a video screen size that can be uploaded to YouTube or you need to widen a small video for your big monitor. In some instances, you may need to modify the video’s aspect ratio so that it will be displayed correctly on your device.

Here are the top 5 tools to resize a video easily.

1. Aimersoft Video Editor

Aimersoft is the ultimate name when it comes to video editing and conversion. It has everything that you need for converting, burning, splitting and resizing your videos. Furthermore, it is compatible with Windows, making it an ideal software for all your video editing needs.

Aimersoft Video Editor

Aimersoft Video Editor is probably the best video editor as it is a monster in resizing videos. It can convert any video into a format that you want. It is an ideal tool to convert videos and resize them into your specific needs and preference.

2. Lightworks

Lightworks gives you real editing power. It features a timeline packed with strong multi-cam support, smart trimming, and real time effects. It is a quite impressive, which was used to help create top Hollywood movies such as Batman and Mission Impossible.

LightWorks Video Editor

Considering its functionality, however, it requires an extremely steep learning curve. Hence, this is not an appropriate video editing and resizing tool for beginners. Those who want to learn and master this tool may have to spend plenty of reading time and practice before they can do something useful with it.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is primarily used as a video conversion tool. However, it can also double as a very good, simple video editor when you need to resize your videos. You can just drag and drop your clips in the program and arrange them is such other that you want. Then, just cut each video to suit your needs. You can rotate or flip individual clips and convert them to your preferred size and formats. It is a polished, professional, and easy to use interface.

FreeMake Video Converter

4. Windows Movie Maker

Most video formats are supported by the very easy to use Windows Movie Maker. You only have to drag and drop the selected clips into the program and they are immediately assembled in order. Hence, it is fairly easy to add simple soundtracks, captions, credits and save them into the format or size that you want. You can also apply special effects and transitions, with so much ease.

Windows Movie Maker 1

5. Kate’s Video Toolkit

Although the Kate’s Video Toolkit may seem very simple, it provides quite remarkable basic editing features. You can trim, join or link two videos together with a transition or create a video sequence embedded with custom soundtrack. You can save your work to any size or format that you want, especially if you want a certain video size expanded or reduced.

Kate's Video Toolkit

Generally, no matter how skilled you are or how expensive is the camera you are using, you need to install a dynamic video editor to resize your videos in order to achieve the best resolution. Although video editors can be expensive, you can always find a tool online that can clip down or increase the size of your videos.

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