Freelancing is the trend! The world is slowly and steadily moving towards a future that seems very bright for freelancers. The fact that you are the only one who is responsible for the job makes you much more effective and stable. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Freelancers really have to shed loads of sweat before they crack the first assignment, or the second one. Well, that goes on and on. In other words, they have to strive in order to survive.

Successful freelancers have a great work-life balance and this doesn’t just come out of the fact they can choose their own time and place of working. Autonomy and routine are not easy to go hand-in-hand. They choose their tools smartly, stay updated, and not to forget, are governed by various self-imposed principles that are not bent at any point. For those of them who are able to successfully follow these paths are the ones you can actually refer to as a ‘freelancer.

Following are the top 5 things that shape the career or a successful freelancer:

  • A top-notch computer system

A PC is the bread and butter for an online freelancer. This is where they will be doing most of their work, and we said ‘most’ and not ‘all’ because we did count brainstorming. Anyway, you need a fast and flawless working personal computer that never stops until you do not want. Make sure that your PC has a top quality protection system. A firewall for your computer is a must if you are working as a freelancer. There are various hackers ready to breach into your system unless you have a strong antivirus.

Go for the latest AVG Internet Security; they are literally considered the best in the category of anti-malware systems for all kinds of laptops and desktops. Use AVG coupon code from deals and discount sites to buy the protection system at cheaper prices. Find the best deals on your antivirus purchase with the AVG coupon code. Also, import other methods to make your PC free from all kinds of malwares.

  • A routine

Although freelancers literally own their working place, that doesn’t mean they make all the rules. You have to find a perfect balance between time alone and collaboration. It is imperative that you have a scheduled setting that allows you to give ample time to both, your clients and your personal life.

  • An updated resume/portfolio

An updated resume and a full-fledged portfolio that describes the niche and expertise is the quality of a successful freelancer. If you want to achieve big in freelancing, make sure you consistently update your qualifications and work info in the portals where you have submitted your profile. Nothing seems more professional than having an up-to-date “About Me”.

  • A Smartphone that helps stay online all the time

Freelancing can be tasking. The building years can get real tough and you have to work according to your clients. Staying online when your client pings you give them an impression that you are proactive and can be trusted with deadlines.

  • A habit of handling rejections

If you can’t take rejections, freelancing is definitely not meant for you. You are in competition with yourself and the other freelancers out there. Therefore, chances are high that your client might find a better person instead of you for the job. This shouldn’t break you, but instead motivate on how you can make yourself more demanding and resourceful

For those who have blossomed by getting into this kind of profession, know that it wasn’t very easy. If a freelancer’s life has ever fascinated you or made you think that you should have a part of it too, get hold of these five points before you start.

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