When it comes to safe online browsing, a simple thing like a VPN can make a big difference. From keeping data safe, to ensuring that your personal information is not exposed to breaches and hacks, to helping you access content outside your geographical limits, VPN are a blessing to one and all who can use them efficiently. The real trick is in knowing how to choose the right VPN. 

Most free VPNs do the job, but keep the question of your safety open-ended. Hence, it is recommended to shift to a good VPN service with a premium plan, which would not only protect your data but also have other innovative features. Investing in a VPN can be a tricky task but with the right assistance, you can find the one that suits your needs. Here are the 5 pro tips to help you find the right VPN and use them efficiently: 

  • Opt for less expensive plans of reputable providers

While most good VPN services come with premium plans that you can subscribe to, not all of them are expensive. If you’ve needs that are not very complicated and high ended, you can find good VPNs from reputable providers for an acceptable rate. Some reputable providers also have free plans, but that reduces the speed of your bandwidth. Explore your options from reputable providers, and opt for an affordable plan. Don’t choose something you think is too good to be true, for if you think something is too good to be true, it is probably because it is.

  • Connect your VPN with home router

You can install VPN on all your devices separately. Not only is it a hassle to do it manually but also it increases unnecessary expenses for you. Installing VPN on your home router is very simple, and hassle-free. Figure out the easiest alternative to do so, with a simple google search, or you’ll find it on the e-manual of your home router and you’re good to go! 

  • Keep your devices charging throughout the duration of VPN usage

A VPN running in the background of devices usually consumes more power, for it protects your devices from security breaches and data leaks, and results in your power draining more than usual. To ensure that power consumption doesn’t affect the performance of your device, it is important to keep your devices charging as long as VPN is enabled. 

  • Ensure more safety by enabling firewall and kill switch feature

Sometimes, VPNs get blocked and when they do, connections drop. There are no absolute solutions to avoid this. The best alternative is to choose a VPN that does not get dropped too often. Moreover, there’s a good chance of data leakage if your VPN goes down. To prevent that, enable the kill switch feature. In case of a drop in connection, it’ll disconnect your entire network connection as a safety measure. As soon as the connection has been restored, it’ll set things back to normal. Enabling your firewall, whether you’ve a VPN working in the background or not, is always a better idea to ensure you fight online attacks.

  • Get better deals with VPNs

If you shop more, you might already know how prices for the same products are different in different countries. This also happens with airlines and ticket prices. To prevent this bias in pricing, due to the location, it is best to enable a VPN so that the host site cannot record your data. A VPN will redirect you to a location which has the best prices and offers. 

VPNs have made the internet a safer place. You can set your location to any other place/country that you think fit when you’re using a VPN. Find a list of VPNs for China here and enjoy the best deals with maximum online protection every time you go online! 

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