Making the transition to an offsite document storage site has the potential to be a bit of a tough choice. As a father, putting my trust in one of the first storage companies that I used was a little like sending my daughter away to college.

I had to trust that all of my hard work and effort would be safe, secure and capable of coming back to me when the time was necessary. Maybe you own a business or know someone who does. Along with all the other responsibilities of owning and running that business you also have the duty to keep all the sensitive data associated with your company safe and secure.

Making the switch and putting your faith in a storage facility can do a lot for both your day to day workload and the safety and integrity of the business. Listed below are the top five benefits of putting a document storage company to work for you.



Sound Security

Choosing to house your documents off site is a great way to improve the safekeeping and security of documents and files that house sensitive information. All too often do we hear about how “X” company had its documents compromised and private information like credit card numbers, bank accounts and financial reports have been leaked to the public. Saving your company from this potential embarrassment is a very important area that a document storage facility can assist you in. A great storage company will offer you tools to see who has accessed what content and at what time; an excellent tool to use when having a paper trail is important. Areas like this can be difficult to manage when documents are stored in a more traditional way such as a filing cabinet or storage box.

Ease of Access

Anyone who does business on the go or meets with clients away from the office on a frequent basis can attest to how clunky and cumbersome it can be to tote along stack of papers and folders holding graphs and charts. In the age of smart phones and tablets, using a document storage company eliminates the need for these papers as they all become instantly available at the touch of a button. By accessing documents in this way, the possibility of losing or forgetting an integral piece of information never has to be a worry. Speaking from experience, I have had many instances where using these tech-savvy mobile features has really impressed my clients which can potentially lead to better odds of sealing a deal.

Less Storage, More Space

Depending on the size of your office building and what type of business you specialize in, housing documents on site can run you the risk of dealing with capacity issues. Cabinets and storage boxes can often take up valuable office space that could be used for a host of other things besides an unsightly filing system. An offsite storage facility is a great solution to this problem as it completely eliminates the need for these storage options to be on the business’s premise.

Data Retrieval

Any business owner’s time is their most valuable commodity. Time spent on tedious tasks like finding files and documents in a traditional filing system or even via your own database can take away from time spent focusing on other more important things. Using a good offsite storage system can eliminate this all together as you won’t even have to leave your desk to have documents right in front of you. In addition to the ease of access, multiple people will be able to view one document at once which is a great plus in a busy work environment.

Increased Efficiency

Turning your business into a well-oiled machine is the best way to maximize efficiency and cut down on time spent on other activities that have potential to be stream-lined. Implementing a document storage service into your company can be a great way for these tasks to not take up as much times as they have in the past. With all of your documents and files being in one central location, employees will no longer need to move from office to office or desk to desk as they pass papers and folders between one another. This enhanced flow of information can lead to more productivity and potentially, more profit for your company.

The benefits of using this constantly evolving technology go far beyond the items listed here. Take a quick inventory of your company’s day to day activities and see what areas have possible opportunities to be used by a document storage facility. But don’t stop there, do a quick Google search and see what company would best fit your needs. Read reviews, see what people are saying and decide for yourself if a document storage company will be the right fit for your business.

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