Top 3 TVs For Your Bedroom to Buy This Year

It’s easy to get carried away with trends, especially when it comes to technology. Smart TVs have evolved at such a steady pace it seems reasonable to upgrade your TV set every couple of years. If you are a technology lover chasing the latest and greatest features, you will need to go big. 

But what if you don’t want all the new features? Maybe you just can’t stomach the size (and price) of a flagship model? Or perhaps you already have a bleeding-edge 4k smart TV that blurs the lines between technology and art, and you need something smaller for your bedroom. Smaller sized TVs (43″ and below) are the perfect way to watch your favorite shows and movies from your cozy warm bed.

Smaller TVs might fly in the face of screen evolution, but they have many benefits over their larger cousins. Most small TVs are free from expensive and unnecessary features, focusing on pure picture quality. There is a multitude of small TV sets waiting to come home with you. I have chosen my favorite to help you decide. 

Samsung RU7100 43” 4K LED TV

Samsung is synonymous with smart TVs, and for a good reason. Samsung has been making LED panels for a long time, and naturally, they are amongst the best in the business. The RU7100 is no exception, boasting a beautiful UHD LED screen with vibrant colors and silky-smooth motion thanks to a 100hz refresh rate.

The RU7100 not only displays a crisp, vibrant picture, but it loaded with some of Samsung’s best features past down from the larger, more expensive models. Compatible with “get connected” Google assistant, Alexa and more can control the TV. The brilliant “One Remote” features allow you to control compatible games consoles and audio devices all from one remote. 

Philips 24PHT4003 4000 Series 24″ HD LED TV

This little beauty came to my attention when I was searching for a small, inexpensive TV for my friend’s caravan. At 24” it can fit almost anywhere, making it a perfect choice as a second TV for the spare room or bedroom. With several HDMI ports and a USB port, its flexible enough for even the most demanding viewer.

Phillips lists some technology that promises to give you “razor sharp, beautiful pictures, no matter the source” and I have to admit, I believe them! Another benefit of smaller sized TV’s is the screen size keeps even low-quality videos looking sharp. The best part of this nice little TV however, is the price, with some retailers selling this TV for around $160! This Tv performs like similar sized TVs triple its price, what more can you want?

Hisense 32R4 32” HD LED TV

Chinese smart TV manufacturer Hisense has been making quite a stir in the market these last few years, and with a string of successes, it’s easy to see why. The 32R4 is a small, cheap smart TV that retains the features of Hisense’s larger TVs. The slick VIDAA U interface allows you to access your favorite apps quickly and easily.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the 32R4 is direct PVR recording; With a built-in HD recorder, you can record your favorite shows to a compatible USB drive. This recording is easy to do, and VIDAA U helps you through the process. Very nifty indeed for a TV that costs less than a weekly grocery shop! 

In a market crowded with monstrously sized TVs, smaller TVs offer a refreshing and restrained alternative. Not only do these smaller sets complement a bedroom wonderfully, but they are also easier on your eyes and electricity bill. 

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