Top 3 Home Security Gadgets

by Dan

Home security keeps right up with the technological times. 2015 has already seen some truly exciting innovations, and while some of these have been huge, widely-covered media events, others have been a little sneakier.

Source: CNET

Source: CNET

Whether it’s been scale, or just novelty, a few home security gadgets have simply gone under the radar. It’s time to give them a bit of a spotlight. Here are three fantastic security gadgets that are either just hitting the market, or just gearing up for release. Think about giving one of them a try, after all, we’re talking about your most important investment.

BuddyGuard Flare

Condense a full ADT system into a small, attractive package, and you’d probably wind up with the Flare. BuddyGuard’s first product contains an HD camera, accelerometer, temperature sensor, mic, speaker, siren, and connectivity modules – all of which are crammed into a 4.33” diameter saucer.

Attach the Flare to your wall, and it instantly goes to work. Once activated, it watches your home, then makes decisions based on what it sees. If Flare’s algorithms recognize a trusted face, it stops recording, and gives you some privacy. If Flare sees or hears (voice recognition also comes standard) someone it doesn’t know, it can alert first responders on its own.

All in all, it’s one of the best entrants into the smart security market we’ve seen. Flare is complete, attractive, and largely autonomous – all things we absolutely love. Did we mention it’s also capable of recognizing pets?


Window break-in detection has always been a fine, often expensive art. Which is why we’re so glad to see Korner. It’s an innovative, very practical system, consisting of small, right-angled adhesive patches that can be applied around any windows.Window break-in detection

These “sticks” are smart enough to distinguish regular vibrations from an actual break-in. If they do detect entry though, they get proactive fast. First, they’ll scream at any intruders. Very loudly. Second, they’ll send an alert to your phone, giving you prompts to contact local police and forward alarms to neighbors.

The beauty of Korner is that it gives home and apartment owners the ability to very easily set up a complex and effective alarm system, something we’re more than happy to get behind.


Security cam systems have been around for a long, long time, but none quite like Blink. Blink cams are cheap – only $49 – place-anywhere, HD cameras. They’ll turn on and begin recording video after they notice motion, syncing it and saving it for later perusal.

Blink’s main appeal lies in its scalability. Blink cams can go just about anywhere, and since they’re so cheap, it’s possible to grab a bunch of them, then set up a visual net. And if you should find that you need an extra one? No sweat. Again, very cheap, and very scalable.


You’ve probably noticed that a lot of these gadgets go pretty heavy on what people like to call smart security. They’re heavily automated, and can take action without relying on human input. We’re fully expecting to see these trends continue in future years, and we couldn’t be happier about it. So keep an eye out! Home security is getting better and cheaper by the day.

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