opensource-softwaresIn a crowded place like Internet,everyone rushes to promote their Products through promoted reviews and Ads,So as a user you might get your mind blank when it comes to choosing a best product for you,Most commonly the Software products.

Windows and Mac Os are the most used proprietary OS though the better alternatives like Linux are still available for Free.The most acceptable reason for this is a lack of Awareness about Opensource software’s and its benefits, Even if some people turnout to try any Linux distro, they happen to switch back after some time due to unavailability of required software’s,But in reality this isn’t due to inadequate software’s its because of inadequate temperament to find the software’s.

In this post I take the opportunity to list some common places where you can easily find Opensource software’s alternatives.

  1. Sourceforge 

    The largest opensource software hub, Hosts some of the famous Software’s like VLC media playerFileZillaXAMPPInkscapephpMyAdmin and  Tux Paint

  2. Github

    A revolutionary Git platform for collaborative software development, Hosts software’s and scripts like foursquare ,twitter bootstrap ,textmate etc
  3. Osalt – Opensource Alternatives

    The best place to find out the opensource alternatives for your favorite software’s like PhotoshopiTunesMovie MakerNero etc.
  4. Google Codes

    An Initiative by Google to encourage Opensource software development, Hosts  opensource Android Apps,Django framework CMS etc.
  5. Launchpad

    An Software hub maintained by Ubuntu Community, Hosts software’s like BazaarShutterMySQLInkscape etc.
  6. Gitorious

    Git based software hosting platform,It is very much similar to Github.Hosts softwares like QtOpenSUSEXBMC and StatusNet
  7. Codeplex

    It is a Project Hosting for Open Source Software’s initiated by Microsoft.Hosts opensource software’s and scripts by Microsoft.
  8. Code project

    Code Project is a complete resource directory for young programmers,It comprises of Opensource software’s,Tutorials and Discussion forum.
  9. Freecode

    Freecode maintains a largest Index of Linux, Unix and cross-platform software’s and mobile applications.
  10. Alternativeto

    It is a portal which gives you the list of best Alternative software’s for a given software.Unlike Osalt,Alternativeto provides a list of Software’s for Mac and Windows platforms also.

Well I always recommend you to search Google,It will lands you directly to any of the above website.if you don’t find it then visit the above websites to hunt down your favorite software’s.

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