Top 10 Geeks

In the ‘80s, countless movies were made to poke fun at geek culture. Not so today, when being a geek is what all the cool kids are doing. Indeed, many of the jobs in our modern world require a certain amount of superior intellect, and so it’s important to strive toward geekery in order to succeed.

Nate Silver is one geek who has made a name for himself as a statistician, sabermetrician and psephologist – a sociologist who studies election trends. His New York Times blog, Five Thirty Eight, is where Silver goes to make statistical explanations and predictions. Silver, it should be noted, correctly predicted the primary results in 49 states during the 2008 presidential election.

Max Little, another geek worth recognizing, is an applied mathematician who invented voice analysis software to detect whether a person has Parkinson’s disease. It does so in 30 seconds, with 98.6 percent accuracy. Little is taking his mathematical talents to many terrains, including biomedicine, groundwater flow, extreme rainfall, speech science and nonlinear signal processing.

Top 10 Geeks

Source: 10 Geeks You Should Know

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