The iPad 3 comes with a Retina Display screen which makes everything look sharp, crisp and fresh. The device is also designed to provide a better gaming experience. Here are the Top 10 Games specially created for the iPad 3.

Grand Theft Auto 3 $4.99

GTA is quite popular among mobile game lovers. The latest version for the iPad requires around 462 MB of memory. It offers players the ability to drive through the various allies of a city and interact with cops and criminals alike.


Infinity Blade II $6.99

The popular sequel to the amazing Infinity Blade, this version of the game retains the characteristic features of its predecessor like the swipe action sword movements. The sequel has better graphics and richer detail than the earlier version.


Angry Birds Seasons HD$1.99

This game revolves around the Chinese year of the Dragon. The dragon replaces the eagle and comes completely free of cost.


FIFA 12$9.99

Soccer has always been a favorite sport on and off the field. The iPad 3 offers a great gaming experience with the FIFA 12. The widescreen of the iPad 3 especially makes the game look rich and real.


Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots$0.99

The goal of this game is to find the magic beans by cutting the maximum number of fruits. It features a unique combination of fruit Ninja along with the mysterious Puss in Boots character.

Ice Rage$0.99

Ice hockey is a great game, but the weird playing style of the characters in the game makes it even more interesting. It is possible to play the game with friends using the multiplayer mode. Players can also play it in single player mode to improve scoring.

Contre Jour$0.99

This is a puzzle game where one has to move a creature through a complex landscape. The game needs 19.2 MB to run. It offers a great combination of art and action.

Contre Jour-ipad3

Great Little War Game$2.99

This is a simple and easy game to play, but it can become quickly addicting. As the game progresses, more variety of missions are revealed which makes it all the more exciting.

Great Little War Game-iPad3

Kingdom Rush$2.99

This game features wonderful animation with brilliant action. The player is required to defend the towers of the kingdom, and the game can be very engaging. It requires 60.6 MB to run, but is one of the best games for the iPad 3.



This is a medieval board game where players can build their own landscape. The game requires a massive 161 MB to run, but it is one of the most preferred games among board game lovers.


These are one of the top 10 games for the Apple iPad 3. They can keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

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