Google Android and Apple iOS is really in a head on collision in terms of the number of high quality applications available for both OS formats. In this article, we will tackle the top 10 Android applications that is worth waiting for in the remaining quarters of the year 2012.

Android’s newest market app is the Play Store, and there we can find all sorts of apps, and here are 10 that are really worth mentioning and installing on our Android Smart phone!


1. Androidify

Want to create a unique avatar of yourself? Tired of using real life images? If yes, Androidify is just for you! This is one of the best apps for modifying an existing avatar or for creating a new one. You can even cartoon yourself for that hybrid of realism and fantasy effect. Put your created avatar in your Contacts or upload it in your Facebook, it’s all up to you!

2. Calorific Diet Tracker

Tired of your fat body figure? Check out this app to help you get in shape by being able to track your calorie intake and for an effective diet plan. Calorific uses a three-color logging system to keep track of your calorie intake to keep you aware and accountable. Green is good, yellow is just okay, and red is bad. The app will rate you depending on your food intake and will give you a meal plan for a healthy weight.

3. Camera360

Camera360 is the best choice for photographers as have the options to use various filters and stunning effects on your pictures. What makes this a great app is its simple operation and availability of fantastic effects that no other camera apps have.

4. Color Blindness Test

This app is a valuable one as it can test your eyesight’s overall performance, more so your ability to distinguish colors. This app will give you tests to try out your eyesight clarity and color blindness if applicable. Better take the app’s tests to prevent possible further damage to your eyes!

5. Double Twist Player

This multimedia player is a 3D stylishly designed player. It can play almost every audio and video format and it is updateable for new codecs to ensure playability of any downloaded files. This player can also play podcast and radio clips. No need for a PC or MAC to sync files, just install this file and you are good to go!

6. Epicurious

Want to have a personal Cooking tutor? Epicurious may be your best friend. This app is rich in various cooking tutorials of different delicacies from around the world. Epicurious can also be your food shopping companion too, if you want to cook something delicious, enter it in the app and it will show you recipes from popular and trusted cooking magazines for that delicious meal! For a handy feature, this app also features a “Recipe of the Day” widget to keep you updated about food everyday.

7. My Episodes

This app can keep you video happy as Episodes can give you the privilege of watching recorded episodes or watch live streaming of your favorite TV show! Foreign shows are also available, and all of them are free! This app is not just for viewing your shows, it also informs you of valuable information about those show’s schedule, plot development, ratings, etc for you to be updated about all shows under the sun, and again, all for free!

8. FlightBoard

Android apps

If you are a regular traveler, FlighBoard is your handy application. This app can present you a database of over 4000 international airports, 1400 airlines, and their route map and schedules. Tracking flights via a great GUI in real time is also possible. Install this application and you will always be traveling the soonest possible time!

9. GasBuddy

Are you always on the move driving your gas powered vehicle? Are you the type that really wants to save money on gas and that you live in either the United States of Canada? If yes, then download and install GasBuddy, as this app can give you the current price of gasoline in both theUSandCanada. Find the cheapest gas in the area, and never again overpay for gas with this application!

10. Glympse

Tired of the usual Google Maps application? Try out Glympse to have a simpler and easier navigation about your exact location. Be more at ease in your travel activities with this and keep your friends updated about your location in real time via Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter!

So there you have it! Android users will surely love their mobile devices more with any of these 10 applications. Our mobile phones are not just for calling and texting, but can also be our personal helper for several tasks so stay updated for apps like these to maximize your beloved Android devices’ prowess!

Author bio:

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, an alumna of Marketing Management at Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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