Tips To Write A Research Paper On Technology

by Dan

In today’s world, Technology is probably the most written about subject, the main reason being the rapid advancement of Internet resulting in its ubiquity.  Gathering information for writing a research paper is now accessible thanks to the growth in the increase in the number of blogs, YouTube videos, books, articles and even films about technology.  Nevertheless, drafting a research paper is a particular art where attention to be given to technical writing.

Given below are some tips which will help you deliver a persuasive research paper on technology. You should be up to date since you are about to write about technology. You need to make sure that you know all the latest inventions, innovations and how their working is, it is tedious to write about outdated technology.  With proper planning, you can write an excellent technology research paper.

Tips To Write A Research Paper On Technology

Information on this technology is abundant and that it is accessible to stray while looking out for answers. Be clear in your area of interest because which will help you to score more.

8 Basic Tips on Writing a Technology Research Paper:

  1. Be sure of what you want to research about and discard all the useless information that you will inevitably go through. If you are not clear on the topic for your technology research paper, consider looking up articles on technology and check out what is trending in newspapers or technology magazines.
  2. Once you find a topic of your liking, choose a question to research. Make a list of possible issues and head points used as keywords to research. Read extensively and Review magazines, papers, films and videos and leave nothing to chance, it’s also a good idea to review an old research paper on a similar topic for reference. One good website to look for the various reading material is WorldCat where you can find things on almost any topic, so online help for writing a research paper is essential and handy. Another good source of content is the Columbia University’s library site where there are more than 10,000 titles related to technology.
  3. Follow popular and well-known technologists like Steve Wozniak, Guy Kawasaki and many more. You can easily aggregate them on Twitter to keep up to date with latest technologies.
  4. A proper research paper should cover one view of the topic or should take a specific angle on a broad issue. While scanning for information, build a structure of your research paper by writing an outline. Make notes of exciting points and facts. Include these points while writing your draft.
  5. Remember that organization and proper planning is the key to get forward your point in an effective manner. Keep your notes and research work highly organized. If you are working with a team, use useful collaboration software like Slack or Wunderlist to keep everyone updated on what you have been researching lately.
  6. When you start writing your research paper, don’t forget to keep in mind what kind of writing you are writing and who all are your participants. Once the draft of the research paper is ready, revise it and analyze every aspect. Now, revision should be done properly as it allows you to refine your writing and guarantees further that your research paper will turn out to be the best it can be. Proofread at the end for the last time before submitting your research paper on technology.
  7. Get help and make sufficient use of your environment. Use your professors, classmates, friends, and family as resources that can act as critiques to your work. You can also network with engineers working for best innovative corporate companies in the field of technology. Someone the companies that are deeply rooted in technological advancements are Intel, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung to name a few. Do not write the whole paper and then show it to someone.
  8. Visit big libraries of city or university and ask for top ten books related to your topic. The librarian should help you with finding the most popular ones. You never know which hidden technologically relevant point you may encounter while reading printed books than merely surfing the web.

Tips To Write A Research Paper

Remember that technology is changing very rapidly, so rapidly that a technology innovated today may be obsolete in few months. Therefore, choose your thesis and topics carefully. Think about the future and how it will make sense five years down the line.

As you go along, show it to someone as this ensures feedback which will help you improve your paper. Don’t forget to mention your sources when you write your bibliography. It is one of the common mistakes that many people make. It makes your research project look unprofessional and not cold.

Those were some of the tips and ideas to get the best out of a research paper. To sum things up in short, the following are the steps you need to follow strictly:

  • Choose a topic;
  • Research and find data;
  • Pen down your thesis;
  • Outline your research paper;
  • Organize everything, from research to notes;
  • Start writing your paper;
  • Revise until perfect;
  • Type the final research paper.

At you can find a lot of scientific and technology research paper samples and research proposal examples.

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