Web design is a field that evolves as the digital space evolves. As long as new techniques are witnessed in various digital platforms, so will the same be evident in web designing. I will light your bulb on the multiple things you should do and those you should avoid while designing your web or a client’s web.

Business owners need to have a good understanding of what it takes to have a website design. Such owners must endeavor to understand how a web should look to avoid scenarios where unqualified web designers get away with their mediocre and shoddy work.

Here are points to consider in website designTips on how to Design a Website for Newbies

  • Ensure the screen is decluttered

Indicating every idea on the screen is the first mistake most beginners make. You don’t want to have a cluttered screen because it will ooze confusion and cause the web to be unattractive right from the beginning. 

The best way to go about this is by giving all the information you have in mind importance based on priority. The most vital and necessary point based on the website’s purpose is what should go to the first page; hence, a first timer will have a clear understanding of what you are about.

Ensure that whatever detail you pick to appear on your website improves your website’s overall look and feel. Also, it is vital to minimize the number of pull-out menus. Too many of such will put off anyone who visits your website. The goal here is to win souls so anything that comes out as “off” will drag you behind; to emphasize the same, avoid using sidebars or sliders.

  • Limit usage of ample space

The last thing you want is filling your website with visual arts that can’t catch your visitors’ attention. This does exempt you from using ample space because it helps complement other visuals on your web page, making the main subject visible and easy to comprehend.

 Always ensure to have ample space close to the tagline or call to action (CTA). Using ample space calls for a well-thought strategy because your landing screen either pulls or repels potential customers or audiences.

Always ensure all your essential points are surrounded by ample space. Also, keep in mind that a boring layout is a major turn off. A fantastic color blend for your website will cause the user to want to see more of what you have to offer.

  • Control what you want your users to focus on

By so doing, you will catch their attention on what you want them to see. This technique is mostly referred to as visual hierarchy. You could have a heading with big, bold letters and have a few more guidelines in small letters. By so doing, you will have succeeded in grabbing your user’s attention.  

As for your CTAs, ensure they are in bold because this is how to catch your user’s eye on the action you want them to take. The most important things to be keen about are the choice of colors, size, and, most notably, where and how you place your ample space. The positioning and formatting of texts and visuals are essential in this step.

  • Ensure to choose your colors strategically

You don’t want colors that are not appealing to the user’s eye. Step 3 above couldn’t emphasize more. Color has a way of influencing how people feel. It is needless to state why black is the theme for most funerals and red the color of love—white, pink, and blue feature in parties. The identity of your brand is the first determinant of the colors you pick. You can’t possibly like pink for a hardware related web page.

After you have successfully picked the colors that best suit your brand, you must put them to use appropriately. Again, visual hierarchy comes in handy. Ensure to arrange and blend your colors with much regard to the message you want to put out there. Most hardware web pages have brown or grey shades, which are also blended with background shades of beige and cream. The point here is to influence the perception of your users.

The most important thing to avoid is color clashing. The best way to settle for web page colors is by starting with your favorites. Ensure to obtain a second opinion so that you can be sure of the best colors to settle for.

  • Be careful with photography

If you decide to settle for real-life photographs, ensure they are of the best quality. We all have an encounter with blurry photos taken from low android cameras. It is vital to pick high-quality images so you don’t lag.

 Your photography should be able to tell the story of your web page theme. You don’t want a wedding photo on a hardware webpage. One essential tip before you settle for any photograph is using pictures of real people. Also, ensure to set the right atmosphere with the pictures you choose. 

  • Build your brand by optimizing typographyTips on how to Design a Website for Newbies

The typography you settle for has a massive impact on the visual hierarchy’s general outcome and, most importantly, the perception your brand is likely to receive. Topography comes in a variety of styles. The one that best suits your brand should be the one you settle for.  

Here you are required to use words that are not only influential but also effective. Your choice of words must have a right look. Typography is basically found in the size, style, color of texts, and the spacing between your lines.

The most crucial point to take home is you must always use web fonts. Most of them are available on computer monitors and devices. You could search for the ideal font on the internet so that you are sure to use the best one. One thing you must make a conscious effort to avoid is overusing flashy fonts. You don’t want to have every written word looking flamboyant. After all, too much of everything is poison.

  • Streamline navigation

The core of every website is always about that which it does best. The question to ask here is, what does your brand do to perfection? Once you have the answer to this, you can make your website revolve around that notion. Ensure to find navigation through accurate data.

  • Incorporate accessible features for mobile

By so doing, all users, old and young, will be included and will use the devices that work best for them. Most people are addicted to their phones. Always aim at giving your users the best; make sure that the text you use is easy to read.  

A font that is not easy to read will cost you, potential clients. Ensure the book is well written, legible, and accurately displayed. Ensure you pair your colors well; avoid having colors that cause the text to seem faded.

Summing it up

The tips above are easy to attain. However, it is necessary to involve a professional that also has good review monitoring services because they will guide you every step of the way to ensure the topography is excellent. The most important thing is to remain transparent, exciting and have a color that speaks volumes about what your web page is all about. 

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