The voice over business has taken the industry by storm. Companies of every size and type are seeking talent that can be used to connect with potential clients. A persuasive voice can have the desired effect to boost one’s sales. Competition is at its peak these days and in order to obtain an edge, one has to differentiate from the competition. This can be carried out more appropriately through contacting professional voice overs. Once you make the decision to hire a voice artist compared to conducting all the recording yourself, you would have to look for certain requirements to ensure you hire the best candidate for your brand. What one should look for when hiring voice professionals and how to hire them is summarized and compiled below.


Define Your Brand and Voice Actor

Once you have decided to hire a voice artist, it is necessary to study the brand that the person will represent. You might want to define the various qualities and attributes that are associated with your product. For instance, a candy bar targeted for little children would most likely have a child-like voice with multiple children, both male and female. It is necessary that the script has been formally designed to ensure that the voice professional is able to execute it in the preferred manner.

Determine Your Budget

It is crucial that the amount allocated for each aspect of advertising the brand is documented and defined in a professional way. This would help you to decide how much you can spend on hiring the voice actor.

Searching for the Right Person


As with any recruitment, one has to search for potential candidates. A number of websites have emerged that provide a pool of professional voice artists from which to choose. One such example is that of British Voice Over which allows you to listen to various voice-over samples and eventually shortlist the desired candidate. It is preferable that an experienced employee is given the task of listening to various recordings and matching it with the script.

Call the Shortlisted Candidates for an Audition

After shortlisting five to ten recordings, one can approach the potential voice actors. They might be required to read a part of the script and accordingly decide if they would be interested or not. One has to ensure that talent being approached is also aware of the budget and is willing to work with the terms and conditions set by your company.

Synchronize Brand with Voice Actor

Once you have chosen the talent, make sure that he/she is given a thorough background of the content of your project. Bring the person on board so that they totally understand the product they are about to produce a voice-over for. Having a powerful voice would allow the audience to connect on an emotional level ensuring that the communication as well as the objective of this activity is successful. Furthermore, rehearse several times and match it with background music or animation to determine the overall impact the voice-over has.

Once the project has been completed, listen to it carefully. If there are any changes, get in touch with the voice artists and request them for revisions. Since a successful recording has a positive impact on the portfolio of the voice talent, they would be willing to accommodate. One has to pay them on time and commend them on good work as it all comes together as a team effort.

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