Three Attributes of a Top Quality Web Hosting Company

by Dan

Whether you are starting an online business or you simply want to start a blog, you will need web hosting for your site. There are a great many companies today that offer to host your web page, and there are a wide range of services that are offered. It is important to sign up for a hosting package from a quality hosting firm. The following are a few of the things to look for when shopping for web hosting.


24 hour technical support

The Internet never sleeps, so you may need to contact your web host provider at any time of the day or night on any day of the year. A top quality company will have a technical staff always ready to answer your questions, and not just by email, but by phone as well. No matter how much you may know about the back end of a website, you can still have questions and need assistance in a quick time frame. However, a web hosting company needs to be able to help those who are not as technically minded, so they should not present themselves as being only for those who are highly adept with Internet skills.

24 hour technical support

Extremely low down times

Any time your host provider shuts down, your website will not be available to Internet users. This is a huge issue for anyone making money with their website. This does not only include an eCommerce site, but blogs that are making money from advertisements. What you need to look for is a web hosting firm that is achieving a 99.9 percent or higher uptime rate. Although this is a high standard, all of the top firms can achieve this. To compare companies, you need only look at independent monitoring services.

They should offer more than one hosting package

You never want to pay for more than you will use, so it is important that they have a separate plan for those that need eCommerce and those that want to publish a blog. If you are looking for eCommerce hosting, some of the nicer web hosting firms will offer software to create your own eCommerce site, as well as provide shopping carts and payment processing software. Equally important is to have tiered pricing for various size web hosting packages. You may start small with the memory and bandwidth you need, but you will want the opportunity to grow your site with the same web hosting company. If you start with a smaller firm, you may have to switch to a larger web hosting company right during a growth period, and this can result in disruptions to your businessmen at a time when you are experiencing the most success.

Take your time and make sure you understand everything that a web hosting company has to offer, as well as an honest assessment of what you will need , at least in the beginning, for your new website. One good example of web hosting and design packages can be found with Network Solutions.

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