Everybody has classic movies and TV shows they love to see time and time again. These have a place on our hard drives and DVD collections. But many people are just as involved with Netflix and their HBOGO account, watching some of the best new television content to appear in a generation. Today is being called a new golden age in television, even as traditional networks and cable outlets are falling by the wayside. Shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad are finding their audience however they find their content. And oftentimes, these customers watch these shows in the comfort of their own homes, on laptops and janky old TV sets from college.


This is not the way to see the content you love, whatever it is that you’re watching. TV and movies look best on a high resolution screen, with all the color and detail that was meant to be seen. Emotional involvement lags when the picture quality suffers. For people invested in great TV shows, it’s time to get invested in the quality of the picture you’re watching.

Samsung CTV is the solution. With a curved screen to mimic the peak of cinema, more than two generations ago, the new Samsung CTV brings expansive picture into the comfort of your home. With better resolution and color than any other TV ever made, the CTV can breathe new life into your favorite movies and TV shows. It’ll also give you a level of detail and experience unsurpassed when you watch new TV and movies. You’ll be happy with the purchase. Your family and friends will love to see this entertainment with a clarity and appeal they never have before. It’s really the only way to watch TV. Great TV deserves a great TV, after all. Don’t miss a detail with the new Samsung CTV.

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