Running an emerging business in today’s connected world requires a fast, constant, and reliable internet connection. Uninterrupted network access to and from suppliers, partners, and customers are all vital in keeping a consistent daily business routine.

With little to no margin for missing new business opportunities, fail proof network connectivity has easily become a business operation requirement for small businesses. In fact, it is rapidly recognized as a valuable asset of companies— big and small alike.


Businesses that still on its early stages bank on the internet to create a strong online presence, expand their market, and to have a platform for their growing database. With network connectivity being a vital part in business, it is important to understand the value that companies get in investing in a backup internet service.

How downtime affects business

Many companies function twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and the need to make business readily available for consumer’s access is crucial to the company’s growth, particularly for start-ups in an online platform. So to ensure that both the workforce and customers are always connected, it is important to keep the internet connection up and available at all times.

The internet has evidently made it possible for companies to operate around the clock. Network connectivity has become the fuel that keeps the business going. With business transactions happening even after operating hours, there is virtually no room for downtime. The loss of connectivity directly affects the business at large as it puts the whole operation at standstill which, in turn, translates to impaired productivity, poor customer service experience, and profit loss.

With so much at stake, the need to be prepared for sudden, unforeseen interruptions is increasingly becoming a priority. Nowadays, online retailers integrate backup internet for their business in apprehension of unexpected network downtime. An effective solution to business continuity needs, backup internet acts a contingency plan when the main internet connection goes down.

backup internet for their business

Choosing the backup internet option

Data company providers have different ways of securing a stable connection for their customers and are not expected to perform maintenance and updates simultaneously. It is with this reason that having a backup internet connection that is sourced from more than one data provider is the most effective solution for business continuity.

To fully maximize the benefit and gain full value of purchasing a backup internet plan, companies must consider the network source of the backup internet provider.  It best to opt for providers with carrier agnostic network as this allows for a comprehensive 3G and 4G LTE coverage by aggregating all Mobile Network Operators under a single platform.

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