In the modern world, if you own a computer, you probably know all about the threat of viruses and malware, and have a beefy modern virus protection program to hold them at bay. However, did you know that your Android phone might also be susceptible to viruses? This is a fact which many smartphone owners overlook, and this lack of knowledge sometimes results in a completely unusable smartphone, stolen information or other serious issues. This is why investing in mobile antivirus software is a must.

The top Android antivirus app of 2017 is AVG Antivirus. This amazing application seeks to provide you with a source of ultimate protection for your smartphone by offering a variety of excellent services, such as:

  • An easy-to-use layout that’s simple to utilize for even the newest, most inexperienced smartphone users.
  • Scans multiple types of files in real time, including apps, games, files and settings.
  • Suggests cleaning options to rid your phone of unnecessary information that might be bogging it down and causing it to operate slowly.
  • Keeps an eye out for encryption issues and other potential problems with wifi networks you’re trying to connect to.

Aside from providing you with the best mobile antivirus protection on the market to date, this app offers several extra services designed to make using your phone easier and more secure. This includes giving you an encrypted vault to store your most sensitive and important photos and documents in so would-be information thieves can’t get to them, giving you advice on optimizing your battery and storage usage, locking sensitive apps and much, much more. These options are why thousands upon thousands of smartphone users have turned to AVG time and time again for their Android protection needs.

The best part is, you won’t need to spend a single cent on getting your hands on the top Android antivirus app of 2017. It’s completely free. Get your smartphone the protection it deserves so it can work better for you, longer.

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