Mobile app prototyping is a kind of a user research that helps validate the strategic design direction of a product.  A prototype is an initial visualization of a working product. When it comes to mobile app development, app prototype design helps build awareness of the final product feel and look. It helps in testing how the targets use and react to the ultimate UX design. Use of prototype for usability testing gives enough time to make changes before the product reaches the development stages. To create app prototype online, you need to use the best platform. You should work on a user friendly platform with all the right features that help you create a high quality app prototype. Wondershare Mockitt is the trending android app prototype platform.

Introduction of Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a top mobile app prototyping tool that runs on all web browsers. It helps in creating mobile prototypes quickly. Unlike most of the other tools you might have used before, no coding is required when designing using this tool. If you are creating prototype app with your team, you can do it productively because it allows for easy communication and collaboration throughout the entire process. 

The tool enables designers turn simple designs into highly interactive and rich app prototype design with no coding. You can create the mobile app design on Mac, mobile, PC or online. If you are a beginner, you do not have to go through a lot of tutorials to know how to make an app prototype using the tool. Its user friendly interface makes it easy to use the various features such as the templates, components component libraries and others. 

Wondershare Mockitt has a layout in which designers access all the platforms with a single click. As you create prototypes, you can build custom libraries to share with other designers you are working with. Besides, the tool allows you to customise the drag and drop elements according to your specific design needs. 

The platform has several interactive gestures and transitions that help you mimic the final design. If you are using several pages to create prototype app you can easily link them. With the platform, you can drag and drop links to show how the different pages are related. There are also dynamic components that allow you create highly animated elements from the interactive page. Here, you can hide, resize color, change position or save to the asset library to use when creating app prototype online in the future. Wondershare Mockitt supports resolution conversion between different platforms and you can also minimise duplication by assigning different statuses to the same page. 

How to Create App Prototype with Wondershare Mockitt 

Step1: Create a New App Prototype Project 

  • Create an account on Wondershare Mockitt (
  • Login with your details to access the design platform.
  • On the main home page, tap the new project button on the left upper side. 
  • Click project settings. 
  • On the blank project, name your app prototype design. 
  • Name your mobile app design project.
  • Pick the device you are creating the app for. 
  • Click the “Create” button below the page where you get directed to the editing area on the main canvas.

Step 2: Design the App Prototype

  • On the editing area select the right size of your canvas. 
  • From the asset library, select the components you need for your app prototype. 
  • Click all the components you want to add to your android app prototype design. You find a lot of components which you can use the way they are or customise them according to your specific requirements. 
  • Edit the components as a group instead of editing it one by one. 
  • Rename your components according to the specific prototype app you are creating. 
  • Give master status to some of the components.
  • Add the new pages you want and drop the components into the screens. 
  • Add the new page states you will link later on, to show certain interactions. 
  • For a more interactive flow of your components, create dynamic widgets and select the magic view. 
  • Click and add animations and gestures to have transitions effects on your android app prototype. 

Step 3: Preview Your App

  • On the top right side, click the preview button. 
  • Click zoom on the top left size to make it easy for you to view your app prototype design and have a feel of how it will look like. 
  • Double click on your design to comment before you can share with other stakeholders to preview. 

Step 4. Share The App Prototype

  • Click the share button on the right upper side. 
  • Copy the sharing link and share it with others for them to preview and give comments. 
  • Close the share window and return to the editing area. 

It is easy to prototype an app with Wondershare Mockitt. It has a free plan, which allows you create 3 projects and you can try how easy it is to use.

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