The mobile gaming industry is one that has grown seemingly out of nowhere over the past two years. Yet, the fact that the industry is so young has not stopped it from becoming one of the most competitive and tough industries in the world. Mobile gaming is a very popular pastime in the world, and we are not even talking about this in the sense of mobile casinos, which used to be the most popular mobile gaming sector, but more in the sense of games that actually resemble ones played on console and PC. In this article,  we want to take a look at some of the largest companies in the industry and see how they are faring, what they are offering, and how they have gotten to where they are. 


Niantic is one of the two largest mobile gaming companies in the world. The company became extremely popular thanks to the release of its flagship product, Pokemon Go, several years ago. The game took the internet and the world by storm, with thousands of people downloading it within minutes and overloading the servers because the developers did not expect such a reaction. The Augmented Reality game was one of the most popular games for a year after its release, motivating people to walk around and catch Pokemon while battling it out in public and getting to know other fans of the game. Today, Niantic has released another popular product, an AR game that is based on the Harry Potter universe. While the game is popular, it has yet to garner as much popularity as Pokemon Go. Although, since the latter is still quite popular, the company will not be facing financial troubles any time soon. 


If you have spent any time on the internet in the past two years than you are aware of the game that Supercell has produced. The Clash of Clans game is a mobile game that has seen some of the most downloads in the history of mobile gaming, with possibly the largest user base in the world at some point. The company has produced five games over the years of its existence, and all five of them have managed to become incredibly popular with a wide range of audiences around the world. Each game has its own tournaments, its own youtube channel, its own specific support team and is still developing further from where it was in the past. This means that the company has managed to find out what the formula to a successful mobile game is and is going to remain as one of the largest mobile gaming companies for a long time. 

Riot Games

While the two above might have been founded as mobile game companies and have remained so, Riot was never a mobile game company, mostly concentrating on their product League of Legends and catering to PC audiences. But, after being acquired by Tencent, a Chinese mobile gaming company, Riot has released their mobile version of League of Legends. While the game is much more simplified for mobile users and does not offer the same kind of strategic planning and high paced clicking, it does offer a lot of entertainment and chances for users to enjoy themselves. Users even get to earn extra stuff in the PC game through the mobile game. The release has been met with great happiness from the LoL fanbase and has allowed the Riot Games mobile team to become one of the dominating forces in the industry. 


Seeing the success of all of the mobile gaming companies, Blizzard, one of the largest US-based gaming companies, has decided to try their hand at entering the market as well. They took one of their fan favourite products, Diablo, and decided to relegate it to a mobile version this time around, or at least they said they were going to do so in a 2018 E3 announcement. While the decision was met with desperation from the fans, the company decided to go ahead with the development and will be releasing the mobile game eventually. This decision is likely the result of Blizzard thinking it can leverage its position in the traditional PC gaming markets to bring a large fan following into the mobile gaming markets and become another big player there. But, as we can see, the industry is highly competitive and the fact that Blizzard is a popular company does not mean that its attempt at mobile games will be a successful one, at all. It is going to be interesting to see how the company’s decision will work out.

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