The Top 5 Finance Apps For You In 2017

by Dan

Serious people need serious apps to help them in managing their finances in the most efficient manner. Financial apps that can assist them to track their daily expenditures, stocks, plan for new investment strategies or provide them with insightful information on how they can improve on their saving. Below is a list of the top 5 finance apps that can help you achieve your financial goals in 2017


Venmo is an app that lets you send and receive money from family and friends. The app has a strong execution and a clear focus which makes it one of the best mobile payment systems. It works well across various platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows. The developer of Venmo has developed a sister website of the app making it more efficient and reliable. Creating an account is an easy task. After creating your account, you need to fill in relevant information such as debit and credit card details, link the app directly to your bank account and connect with some of your friends already existing on the app. Feeding the app with more of your information increases the limit of the amount of cash you can send or receive.


For a long time, PayPal has been an excellent payment service. The platform acts as an intermediary between your bank and credit cards and your merchants. Just like Venmo, PayPal has a similar website where you can quickly sign up. The PayPal app lets you manage your account, send money to other people, request payments and more exciting some stores such as CMC Markets, allow you to pay them using PayPal. The app has a clean and easy to use interface that lets you manage your account efficiently. With PayPal, your funds are secure. The app allows you to view the log of your recent transactions from the activity menu. The activity list contains summarized information of the name, amount, and type of operation- whether sent or transferred funds

Mint App

Developed by one of the leading financial software developers Intuit Inc, mint is an efficient app that helps you in creating an effective budget, tracking your expenditure and being smart with your money. You can easily connect the app to your bank accounts, credit cards and even incorporate your monthly bills to gather all your finances in a single place. This fantastic app reminds you when your bills are due, what you can afford to pay based on your income and expenditure. More exciting, the app generates bill payment reminders to help you evade late payment fees. The app tracks your spending habits and generates the most appropriate advice for you on how you can get more control over your budget. Mint also produces a free credit score for you.

Budget Boss

Available to iPhone users, the Budget Boss app provides you with insightful information about where your current allocation of funds will lead to shortly. The Budget Boss is more of a statistical app. It gives you tools that help you to enter information regarding your income and expenditure. From the provided figures, the app creates charts forecasting your cash flow. The app’s interface is well designed to make data entry enjoyable.The level of user security is top class. The app lets you set a four-digit pin that authenticates you every time you want to log in. You can easily transfer your data in CSV format by tapping the little wheel icon located on the upper left corner.

Level Money

The Level Money has been developed specifically for those people who are in a financial dilemma of how much money they spend in a day. Based on your monthly income, bills and intended savings, the app generates an appropriate number for the current day, week and month which are meant to help you in determining the most suitable amount of money you can spend in a day. The app connects directly to your credit cards and bank accounts so as to compute accurate figures. The app also generates charts that you can use to compare your expenditure in various categories. The app is well secured providing a read-only access. The app tracks your bank balance and your transactions, but it can’t move funds from one bank account to another

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