Gambling apps have been around as long as the smartphone, but for years, Google’s Android platform was slow to catch up on Apple’s iOS, as publishers faced several licensing restrictions. However, relaxations to the Play store licensing model in the middle of 2017 has levelled the playing field somewhat, and 2018 is set to see a flood of high-quality gambling apps being made available for Android fans in most countries.

Here are 4 of the best to whet your appetite in 2018.

HuuuugeFree Slots Casino

The mobile casino has been the most profitable innovation of the gambling sector over the last decade or so, as players are now able to play while on the train, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or even before bed.

This success has also caught the eye of app developers, who have made free versions of popular online slot games available to Android users. The biggest collection of such games is found on the aptly-named Huuuge app which features no less than 50 Vegas-style slots.

With plenty of free spins to get you started, and in-app purchases available, this app is a must for the casual slot fan.

Ignition Mobile Poker app (US players only)

When Bovada pulled out of the US poker market in 2016, poker fans wept into their whiskey sours. However, the good news is that the customer base quickly transferred to a new player, Ignition, who thankfully decided to offer its poker rooms to the smartphone user.

The depth of the betting pool and the fact that it only allows real money players means that the seasoned poker expert will find plenty of whales and fishes to help grind out the profits. With variants including Hold’em, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo, there is something for everyone at Ignition.

WSOP Free Texas Hold’em

Of course, even the Phil Iveys of this world had to learn their craft somewhere, so before you open your Ignition account, how about trying out some training wheels first? The World Series of Poker is the most prestigious poker organizer in the world, and their free app offers an authentic and exciting learning experience on your Android smartphone.

The fact that this app doesn’t allow real money betting options means you can learn poker without any risk. However, don’t think this is anything other than the real thing. A leader board shows how you compare to others at your skill level, and once you proceed to the pro levels, you receive a WSOP bracelet which you will wear with pride.

Sports Betting

This app might not have the snazziest of names, but Sports Betting is one of the most useful out there, and no serious Android-owning gambler makes a bet without consulting it first.

Simply put, this free app predicts the most likely parley bets across 15 different sports. Based on years of statistical data, the app predicts the most likely outcome of each event.

Of course, the bookmakers normally also have this information, and reflect it in the odds, but now and again they get it wrong, and with the Sports Betting app in your pocket, you can exploit any and every mistake the bookie makes.

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