Most of the successful bloggers out there are entered blogging as a Hobbyist and they eventually became a successful by knowing secret recipe of  and most Importantly they know How to manage their time.I have elaborated the secret recipe of blogging in four steps.

#1  Working towards Viral Articles

You may publish more than two posts per day but you need to spend your time brainstorming ideas for the killer article,which has a lot of  chances to  go Viral.The traffic from such viral posts can be used to take your blog one step further,You can convert those blind traffic visitors to a loyal and regular visitors.

So what kind of Posts go Viral , The article which is well structured and with plenty of value to the user is more likely to travel through social media.For Example my article “Free Computer Programming Ebooks – Free and Legal Download” went viral on Reddit and Stumble Upon,It is due to the Giant list of Free programming Ebooks list,It covers more than one programming language hence it has lot of chance to reach broad audiences.

Here is some ideas to make killer articles

  • Create a extended list of Links to the valuable resources.
  • You can also write in detail article about doing something,
  • You can write post which solves current problem in your niche
  • Controversial Topics which is against or accepting someones point of view who has lot of  influence in your niche.

See Some of my other viral posts,which will give you more Idea about making viral contents

So you can spend some time to write such articles atleast once a week or twice a month,but also consider that the series of such articles will spoil  your blogs Image so don’t clutter your website with only Links.

#2  Networking with Niche Bloggers

It is very essential to spend your time in your niche websites to have a well knowledge about your competitors and your niche  trends .Networking doesn’t mean that exchanging others link in your blogroll,You need to do it genuinely.You can do these steps to build a strong relationship with your niche bloggers

  • Sharing your comments on other niche blogs.
  • Linking posts from your niche which will fit into your posts (Don’t write for just sharing others link,Add it if it is relevant)
  • Interacting with the bloggers in your niche via Twitter,Facebook and Email.

#3  Promoting your Blog

You should be spending your most time promoting your Viral Posts,but don’t forget to give little promotion to other posts also.Here is a list of To Do’s

  • Announce about your post to niche bloggers who can help you to promote your blog
  • Sharing your link to some popular social networking websites like Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest and also recommend your friends to share the links.
  • Submit your articles to Bookmarking websites like Reddit,Stumble Upon and Delicious.
  • You can also submit the articles to relevant Forums and Groups.

#4  Post Regular posts

Posting posts regularly is a another main factor for your success,here is some ideas for your regular posts

  • Writing your opinion about some articles in your niche.
  • Publishing news your niche.
  • Initiate a discussion by presenting a topic and examples.

I am Your success clearly depend on how you manage your time in doing the above four steps.

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