SEO is one of the more unpredictable, changing aspects of digital marketing. Each year, Google announces a new change or upgrade to its algorithm. And every year, it throws SEOs into a tailspin. 2016 is no different, and experts are still adjusting to the most recent updates. With SEO, you risk harming your website if you continue using outdated practices. Not only are the ineffective, but Google might even put a black mark against your site. With that in mind, today I’ll show you how to take your search engine effectiveness further in 2016.

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Local search dominates

We’ve had nearly two years to adapt to Google’s last big update: Pigeon. It was the upgrade that put a huge focus and emphasis on local search results. In other words, Google is determined to present search results that are close to you. Google knows that more than half its users are searching on a mobile device. Usually, if you’re searching Google on a mobile, you’re looking for local services. You want the best local cafe, or the cheapest local bar. Optimizing your business for local search is still a priority in 2016.

Start adopting long-tail keywords

Since the dawn of SEO, keywords have been at the heart of our techniques. In the past, they were Google’s best method of finding out what your website does. However, things have changed somewhat since then. One strong keyword is no longer enough to stand out in the search engine market. Google is smarter than that. It’s now looking for additional ‘long-tail’ keywords. If you sell snowboards, for example, consider using surrounding long-tail keywords too. Don’t just use ‘snowboards’, use mountain, piste, snow boots, etc.

SEO Strategy

lOn the contrary to what people generally think, SEO is not as easy as it looks. It requires efficient planning and proper execution, therefore having a good SEO strategy is one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO campaign. An efficient SEO strategy should include everything starting from how to choose the right keywords, to tracking the efficiency of your SEO efforts. If you want to learn more about SEO strategies, you can take the help of SEO training courses, which can help you learn everything about SEO strategies.”

Quality content is king

Above all else, the quality of your content matters more than anything. In the past, it was possible (and easy) to game the system, and soar up the Google ranks. Now, Google is smarter. It can tell the difference between quality content and fake SEO optimized content. Focus your efforts on creating the best possible piece of content. Build a community of followers and fans, and create an organic growth structure. In the long-term, this is a much better strategy than using short-term hacks. If you want more information on producing content, visit

Organic links

One of the oldest SEO tricks in the books was securing lots of inbound links to your site. Google measured authority by the sheer number of links leading to your website. Lots of links meant a high ranking. It was easy to game this system by swapping links with rogue websites and flooding directories. Now, Google puts more emphasis on the quality of the link. In other words, a link from The Huffington Post is worth more than a small blog. Focus on landing organic, high-authority links, and your SEO presence will improve.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out the stats that all SEOs need to read this year! Don’t let your outdated SEO strategy come back to haunt you. Make some changes, and start dominating Google.

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