So, you’ve always had an interest in Slots, especially the Slots games over at, but you’ve never really understood them and, at this point, you’re too afraid to ask. Well, fear no more, because below is a breakdown of the layout and features to expect when entering the world of Slots for the first time! 

Across all online platforms, Slots games mostly offer the same kind of layouts and buttons, so wherever you go you will recognise the majority of the visual cues and action buttons. In other words, no matter where you find yourself spinning those reels, the buttons will perform the same functions.

Below is a handy chart to help you get to grips with all the new terminology you’re going to come across.

Terminology Explanation 
Reels The reels are simply columns that spin – the basis of the game. Five-reel slot games are the most popular type, although three-reel games are also still available for simpler games.
Symbols The symbols that appear throughout the games are simply icons that are found in each section of the spinning reel. The symbols will have different payout values, and their image will greatly differ depending on the theme of the game. Players snag themselves a win by getting three or more of the same symbols together in a sequence.
Payline The payline is just the lines that run across the slot game to signal when a win has been triggered.
Spin Button The spin button is exactly what it sounds like – the button which allows the player to start or continue gameplay. This button activates the reels before the next selection of icons are displayed.
Bet Amount Again, as you’d expect, the bet amount feature is where the player can choose how much they want to wager on their next spin. The bet size will then factor into the amount they will win if the right symbol sequence appears on the reels.
Random Number Generator The random number generator appears as an icon to the side of the game and acts as a form of reassurance that the outcome of every spin on the reels is completely at random. This allows the players to rest easy about any real strategies or the game being rigged. Fair is always the best way to play any online casino game.

So, now you’ve been taught the very basics of the Slots world, here’s a few of the shortcuts and helpful buttons that may also be on offer throughout your gameplay.

Shortcut/Helpful buttons Action
Auto Start/Stop This button will begin the spinning of the rollers on whichever game you have chosen to play, at a predetermined number of times, which you set before playing. Pressing the button again will also end this feature.
Lines This button will activate additional paylines to bet on, or can also be used to reset the number of paylines that you wish to bet on.
Bet Per Line This feature is used to add one coin at a time to the betting payline.
Bet Max Pressing this button will allow the game to be set to the maximum bet per payline, along with selecting all the paylines within the game.
+ and –  Use this feature to increase or decrease the wager you wish to place per spin.
Spin/Stop This button will cut through the gameplay and bring you straight to the end result of each spin. It’s also good to note that repeatedly hitting the “Spin” button will not improve your chances of winning.
Gamble This feature is only found in certain Slots games. When this option has been chosen, players will be asked to place an additional bet in order to increase their profits from the previous spin.
Collect Just as you would assume, this button allows you to collect your winnings and pay out into your Slots “wallet”. 

Now, just like that, you are ready to start spinning your own reels in the legendary world of Slots! You’re welcome.

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