Retailers are always looking for new ways to use technology. This is no different, and this year might see some surprising changes in how retailers use tech to draw in customers. It’s not just about attracting more customers, though. It’s also about making the whole process more efficient for customers and employees alike. It’s one sector where technology really can have a big impact. Here are some of the ways technology will probably be used by retailers this year.


Beacons are a form of location-based technology that helps businesses appeal to customers in new ways. They can be used in all sorts of ways because they connect to people’s phones if they are near to where the beacon is located. They can send messages or give the customer a new experience. They are starting to be used by retailers as a way to get people spend a lot of their time glued to their smartphones interested in the shopping experience. It remains to be seen how successful that will be, but it could be a bit of a saviour for the industry.


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In-Store Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is finally starting to have an impact on how people live. Of course, for most people, that’s not the case. But Sony has already started using VR as a way to make gaming more interesting. And there are many other gaming companies that will be looking to do the same in the months and years ahead. But how will VR work in a retail context? Some companies have used it to help customer visualise products or furniture in their home. They can get a better idea of scale and how it will look after the purchase. So, this could be a big deal in retail pretty soon.


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New Payment Methods

Payment methods in the retail world can always be made faster and more efficient. If they are not fast enough, customers will have to wait around in the store before they get the chance to pay. Luckily, there are now lots of small and swift methods of payment that can be used to make paying for items quicker. It means employees can approach people in the queue or standing around the store and have them pay for their items without even going to the counter. Of course, this is only done if the person is paying on their card. You can use a  credit card terminal or a device that attaches to a smartphone to read cards.

Magic Memory Technologies

Trying on clothes in stores and looking in the mirror can take a long time. Well, the process can be sped up by the use of new magic memory mirrors. They use virtual outfits to give customers an idea of what a particular item of clothing would look like on them. This saves the customer time because they don’t have to queue up outside the changing cubicles and then try the items on physically. Of course, it probably won’t replace the process of trying on clothes, but it will certainly have an impact.

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